Women’s Body Language

There’s a lot about women’s body language that can help you to become better at flirting, dating and seduction. There’s a huge difference how women communicate using bodylanguage and how men communicate.

In fact, scientific studies show that women send 5 times more body language messages than men in any given time period. They also pay much greater attention to other people’s body language and are better are “reading” it.

So they are really a lot more fluent at body language than we are.

Uncover The Secrets Of Women’s Body Language

Common Myths About Women’s Body Language

There is a lot of false information when it comes to female body language. For example, you might have read before that it means certain things when a woman crosses her legs, or does certain movements (like playing with her hair, rubbing her ears or other stuff).

In fact: each of these movements can mean many different things. Saying that a woman indicates sexual interest when she’s playing with her hair is misleading – in some situations this is true, in other situations it means a completely different thing.

Common Mistakes Men Make

For many men, they have trouble reading women’s body language because they always try to interpret it in one of two ways: does it mean she wants to screw me?

Now, this may sound funny, but it’s true. Most men only care about a woman’s gesture in terms of: “does this mean I’m now one step closer to getting her into my bed or does this mean I’m now one step farther away from it?”

The problem with that is that there are MANY gestures that have nothing to do with it – and if you try to categorize all of her gestures into one of these two options, you will end up confused and wonder why you don’t understand what she means.

Don’t Forget Her Face

When we look at body language, it’s extremely important that we take her face into consideration. Paul Ekman is a scientific psychologist who has studied microexpressions for years, and it’s amazing what you can “read from a face”.

Uncover The Secrets Of Women’s Body Language

Use It For Your Advantage

Actually, many of a girl’s gestures and facial expressions are pretty obvious to interpret – if you just pay attention to them (that means actually looking at her).

Now, most men complete miss all these cues. They’re ignorant to them.

That’s why when you demonstrate that you notice them, they’ll be really impressed.

So let me give you an example:

Let’s say you’re sitting at a table and the girl looks at somebody in the room and you can notice a certain microexpression that signals disgust, then comment on it. (Btw. you’d be surprised how often girls look at someone and then have that “disgusted” expression on their face – in most cases because of poor body hygiene or grooming, or just bad styling or behavior).

So how do you comment on it? You comment on it as if she would have actually made a verbal statement instead of nonverbal expression. So you “reply” to her non-verbal signal which meant “This guy looks disgusting” by actually (verbally) saying: “That’s exactly what I thought” – and when you say it, you look at her, wait till she looks at you, and then look at the guy she was looking at, thus signaling that you’re referring to the same thing.

This will show her that you understand her – almost as if you are able to read her mind. Little stuff like that just blows girls away and works much better than the “does this signal mean she’s ready to screw me now?” filter.

Btw. there are a couple of things you can do to actually get a very clear nonverbal yes/no-response to certain questions (like: can I kiss her now? etc.). But you need to do certain things to get that response. David can teach you a lot about that – if you want to know, check out his dating & flirting course that teaches you a lot about women’s body language.

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