Women have 3 categories for men

by MasterSeducer on June 1, 2010

Women place men in one of three categories:

  1. lame loser
  2. friend
  3. romantic/sex partner

It’s important to know how they decide on these categories – so that you make sure you fall in category number 3!

Or more precisely, what I like to call 3b.

Sex partner.

Because when you get into the sex partner category, you get sex, and you still have the option of getting into a relationship with her.

But if you get into the “romantic relationship partner” category, then your chances of sex are zero – she’ll want you to court her, and she’ll not give you a piece of her till you’ve proven you’re serious.

You get my point? Even if you want a relationship with that girl, start being a sex partner first and THEN become relationship material.

So, be a 3b dude…

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