Why Dating Advice Is Useless

You can find a lot of dating advice on the Internet and on MasterSeducer.com

But here’s a sad fact:

If you are not an exceptional guy, a true rarity, then all that dating advice won’t help you at all.

Because out of 100 guys that read dating advice, only about 10-15 actually USE that advice.

The large majority of guys just reads it, and they question it, or they think about it, or they do whatever with it in their head… but they don’t take any action. They never use that advice.

That kind of makes as much sense as having a car but not driving it. What’s the point?

Listen, if you are reading this, then you’re reading this because you want to become more successful with women.

That’s cool.

But stop right now and fucking PROMISE yourself that you are going to USE the advice.

I’m serious.

Swear under oath. This is your life, dude! Nobody is gonna do it for you. You’re the only one.

And if you think: “yaya, I know, I’m not like that, I don’t need to swear or promise anything”

then I can already tell that you’re one of the 85 of 90 guys who won’t do anything, and you’ll probably end up with some wive that you’ll divorce once you figured out that the two of you weren’t mean to be after 21 years of marriage.

(Yeah, I’m into seduction and pickup and stuff – I love sex, I love having sex with many beautiful women, but you know what? The divorce statistics really make me sad, because I know all the drama and shit that’s involved in it. And I know that if you simply get hip and power up your  attraction skills, then you got everything it takes to find the girl that you’ll want to marry and build a happy family with her – once you’ve had all the fun in the world you want with girls).



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