Where To Meet Single Women

Are you wondering where to meet single women? Well, there are of course a couple of easy choices, and we’ll get into the refinement later:

Bars, clubs, discos, concerts – lots of women to be found here. Then there are other places such as libraries (if you have a large university in your area, you’ll be amazed how many stunningly beautiful women walk around there), universities, shopping malls, movie theatres, just on the street, in cafes, elevators, when you’re waiting in line somewhere, gyms, yoga classes, events like weddings, parties, sports events, religious places of worship, etc.

The fact is: there aren’t really any places where you can meet ONLY single women. (Maybe some kind of weird self-help groups, but I doubt you’ll find the kind of girl you’re looking for in one of those).

So, it’s actually something that you have to check out. Don’t be afraid to talk to a woman just because she MIGHT be taken already. It doesn’t matter. Once you know she’s taken, just end the conversation any way you like.

But there’s something what’s more important than the question: “where to meet single women?” And that is: where to meet the women you want?

You see, instead of trying to find “a single woman”, you should try to find the kind of woman you want. So do you like party girls? Then parties are the place to be, hang out in nightclubs, bars, etc.

But if you like classy women, then go to trendy places like cafes, happy-hour spots, etc.

If you like educated girls, then libraries are the place to go, and so on.

So the most important thing really is to decide what kind of woman you want to meet.

I want to be upfront with you: if you’re worrying too much about where to meet single women, then that’s simply an excuse you use not to approach them. You’re real challenge is not finding single women, you’re real challenge is walking up to a woman and talking to her, and doing it in a way that makes her feel attracted towards you.

Most men who wonder where to meet single women might have had a couple of experiences where they talked to some women who told them they’re taken, and then they generalize that and think: “Gee, it’s impossible to find one that’s single, what can I do?” And then they stop approaching women. Don’t let that happen.

Dating is a numbers game. There is A LOT of skill involved too, but you need to learn how to cope with rejection first. (Simply don’t care). The guys who are most successful in dating and seducing women are the ones that care the least about being rejected. If a girl rejects them, they just smile and are cool about and look for the next one. On the other hand, guys who have trouble with women often take rejection personally, letting it hurt their emotions.

Yes, it’s easier in some places to approach women than in others, but here’s something that many men don’t know: if you have the right method of approach, then you can approach women everywhere. (I’ve dated women I met while waiting for the dentist, in elevators, taking a public bus, etc. – you can meet women everywhere).

The best guy to teach you about methods of approach that match a certain location is David. Check out his tips on where to meet single women and how to approach them.

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