Where To Meet Girls

If you need idea starters on where to meet girls, then this will really help you. The world is full of girls – they make up about 50% of the worlds population, so it’s really not that hard to find them. But the challenge is probably to meet the kind of girl you want, and to meet them in an environment where you can talk to them.

Where To Meet Girls + More Dating Advice

Of course, one of the most popular places to meet girls are bars, nightclubs, pubs, etc – the advantage there is that there tends to be a higher percentage of single women, hot women and they are in a frame of mind where they are ready – and expect – to be approached by guys.

The downside is that these places are also full of other guys who came here for the sole reason of chatting up girls – so you’re up against much more competition.

If you’re good in party surroundings, then parties and nightclubs are great, but a lot of men have never really learned how to approach girls in clubs.

Another great place where to meet girls are universities. There you find lots of girls, many of them beautiful, many of them hot, many of them like to have fun and have a good attitude towards life and dating. Also, you find many different types of girls there – party girls, quiet girls, romantic girls, nerdy girls, different nationalities, etc.

Fitness studios, gyms, and sport clubs are great places to meet attractive women – and specially the cafeterias there, juice bars, and so on.

Also, cafes in close proximity to spas, beauty salons, barber shops – places that attract a high percentage of women. You might not want to hang out in a beauty salon, but sitting in a cafe that’s frequented by lots of stylish girls and sipping your cappuccino, reading a newspaper, that’s quiet a relaxed way to hook up with girls.

If you are into certain ethnicities – black, Asian, Italian, etc. – then check out events or communities specially for these people. If you like Japanese girls, then a Japanese community centre or a Japanese cultural show or art exhibition can be good places to check out.

Btw. – if you’re, let’s say, into Swedish girls… how about going to the airport when a plane from Sweden arrives? Yeah, sure, there will be lots of dads around, but there will also be lots of Swedish girls that just came on their own and want to have fun – bingo!

That’s a general rule of thumb – there are so many places for guys where to meet girls, that it’s a good idea to ask yourself first. what kind of girl do I want to meet?

And once you’ve decided what kind of woman you want, to figure out where these women typically go, and then you go there.

But again, there are some places that are good in general – for example, libraries. I know “library” doesn’t sound like a chicks-paradise, but if it’s a large library in proximity to a university, you’d be surprised how many incredibly hot girls walk around between all these book shelves.

By the way – if you live in a small, remote village, you make things a lot more difficult for yourself. Consider moving into a big city instead – not only are there just way more women and people, the percentage of attractive girls is also a lot higher because hot girls tend to gravitate towards large cities.

I hope this gave you an idea about where to meet girls – there are many other places, and once you meet them, things really are just starting – because now you have to talk to them, get them interested in you and have fun with them.

Where To Meet Girls + More Dating Advice

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