When Women Smile At You, Other Women Want You More

It’s a really easy way to become more attractive, sexy and desirable to a woman: have other woman smile at you.

Now, in the seduction and pick up world, we have known that for quiet some time, but what I didn’t know is that even scientists know that! (They actually did a study about this).

If a woman sees that other women smile at you, she will find you more attractive.

What’s also interesting – according to a study women who have been drinking find guys around 25% more attractive. So get them to drink something. And I don’t mean trash them. Just a glass of wine will be fine. Because alcohol stimulates the part of our brain that determines facial attractiveness of other people.

Now, the video also hands out some really crap advice – basically telling you to suck up to a woman by flattering her, making the conversation all about her, laughing at her jokes etc. If you try that in the real world with attractive women – good luck. (Yeah, it DOES work with the ugly, boring ducklings that never have anyone laughing at their jokes or paying them a compliment, but to a woman that’s attractive, this is just a turnoff, because she gets it all the time from guys).

But here’s an interesting thing: if you have opposing views about something, and then you let her win you over to her side, so that you change your opinion to hers, makes you more attractive. Honestly, I haven’t tried that, and it goes to my instinct in the first place. But I’ll check it.

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