What Women Want To Hear

If you’re wondering what women want to hear then you’re very close to becoming a master seducer. You see, most people who have trouble with women never make that mental step. They stay inside their own hand, come up with ideas, explanations and a lot of BS. That’s why they end up alone and miserable.

Find Out What Women Want To Hear

Before we look at what women like to hear, let’s talk about the difference between men and women. Because that’s really, really important.

There’s been a lot of scientific research on differences between male and female human brains and DNA. Apart of our biological differences, there are also social differences. I’m not egghead enough to understand it, let alone explain it to you, but I understand women good enough to seduce them.

Basically, women learn that a different “role model” is right for them than man. That role model of course is also largely influenced by our biological blueprint. But look at childrens movies, stories, books for kids and stuff like that. Beautiful princess, brave prince has to overcome obstacles, happy in love. That’s mainly the “social blueprint” in our society.

Women are attracted to strong men. They want the alpha, the pack leader, the dominant guy, they like a man that can be assertive. That doesn’t mean you have to be a bully or an a**hole. It just means you must not be a wimp. You need to have the attitude of a guy who beliefs in himself.

Now you don’t actually have to be an army commander, or CEO or anything like that. You don’t really need to be the “leader of  a group of people”. But you need to be able to talk like somebody and act like somebody who has leader qualities. Because it’s not really about the power you possess – it’s about the power that you “radiate”, the power that you communicate with your words, gestures and actions. It’s about perceived power, and how it makes her feel.

That last part is really the most important one: how it makes her feel.

Find Out What Women Want To Hear

That’s the main driver for women. They want a man that can make them feel a certain way – feel good.

Now, some guys get me wrong when I say that women want a man who can make them feel good. They think that means “nice guy” – and that’s not it at all. It’s easy to think that it’s about being nice and respectful, but it’s really about something completely different. It’s about giving her the dream that she’s been dreaming ever since she watched those movies when she was a child. She wants a man to be that prince. That strong and noble and powerful prince that defeats his enemies.

The good thing is: you watched those movies too, heard the stories, saw the pictures. Basically, all “grown up” movies are simply more sophisticated versions of those childhood stories. So some part of you already knows exactly how to be that prince. Some part of you knows how that prince moves, how he acts, how he talks. Because it’s NOT about the words that you use (otherwise I’d just give you a set of sentences to memorize and you could use that on every women. How you say these words is just as important – the right words, said with the wrong tone, the wrong facial expression, will fail to have any impact. But again, you don’t need to learn these details – they’re already inside of you. You just have to “active your womanizer”.

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