What Women Find Attractive

There is some debate about what women find attractive in men and what not. There are many theories and ideas around that topic, some of them are proven to be false, some of them are proven to be correct (yet they are often heavily disputed because people don’t LIKE those facts), and some are quiet surprising (and important to know if you want to attract women).

So, first of all, the obvious things that woman like in a man: Wealth, power, fame, looks.

If you’re wealthy, you will find it’s a lot easier to attract women. It would be nice to say that women don’t care, but in the end, they’re all “material girls”. They want a “provider”. A man that can take care of them and their offspring. It’s in the biological blueprint.

Power is in a way related to wealth, but women are attracted by power. One reason is simply that if they have a powerful partner, it also makes them more powerful. It enhances their social status and influence in society and other people will show more respect towards her. Also, a powerful man can provide protection and safety for her and her offspring.

Fame again is a about social status and respect they get. If they’re together with a famous men, other women will envy her.

And looks, well, that’s obvious. Just like men like beautiful women, women like handsome men.

If you’re not rich, influential, famous or good looking – what can you do?

Well, here’s still one thing missing from that list of what women find attractive, and it’s one of the most powerful ones. I suggest this is what you should focus on. Of course, you can try to become rich or famous or powerful to get a woman – but this last thing is so much easier to do, and it will be so much more fun.

I’m talking about PERSONALITY.

If you have a great personality, then women will be automatically attracted to you – oftentimes even against their own better judgement. They might even wonder themselves why they feel the way they feel towards you.

Humor is one of the greatest assets with women – if you can make a woman laugh (without turning yourself into a clown) then she’ll feel irresistible inner attraction towards you.

If you’re a very confident guy and behave in a dominant way – that’s another trait that women love in men.

And there’s another very attractive trait that most people are completely unaware of: being unpredictable. You see, a woman that is looking for a sex-partner (one-time, short-term or long-term) wants somebody who can surprise her and make things adventurous. Most men are very predictable (and thus controllable) – women get bored by that quickly.

There are many other traits that women find attractive – if you’re indifferent towards them (in a specific way), if you’re charming, romantic, creative, cultured, aggressive… there are so many different personality traits that women can find attractive. It really depends on how you use them.

Most important is that you establish that you’re in control of them. You shouldn’t try to change your personality into something that doesn’t fit you. Be yourself. But most likely, if you’re having a hard time attracting the kind of woman you want, then YOU’RE NOT BEING YOURSELF RIGHT NOW. You probably have something that’s holding you back from being yourself (doubts, insecurities, false ideas of how the world works, or whatever).

As you can see, it’s not an easy question to answer, and different things are true for different women. BUT there’s an easy way to break it down and use it to seduce them! The guy that helped me the most to do this was David, and I really suggest you check him out…

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