What A Woman Wants

Pretty much every part of human life has developed further in recent times. Take sciences: physics, geography, chemistry, biology… all of these, we know so much more about. We know so much more about the world as it is today, that even flying to the moon won’t attract the same kind of viewership that a Superbowl game gets. But there’s something that men today know less about than ever before. And that is: what a woman wants.

What has happened is really a “stupidification”. Nowadays, there are so many mixed messages out there, that it’s hard to make sense out of it all.

A woman wants a gentleman, a sensitive man, a real man, a successful man, a rebel man, and all kinds of other men… at least that’s what you can end up thinking if you believe the media. But the truth is: what a woman wants today is the same thing what a woman wanted one hundred, one thousand and even three thousand years ago. So, what is it?

It’s a certain quality. Some men possess it naturally – and those are the ones that never seem to have trouble finding a girl. But most men nowadays don’t possess it or even know what it is. Those are the troubled ones, the ones that end up with either no girl at all, or a “second choice girl” – a girl that’s not really the kind of girl they were hoping for to end up with in life.

You see – what a woman wants is a man. A manly man. That doesn’t mean you have to pick a fight in the next pub, or become a Marine. It simply means you have to dig deep inside yourself to pull out the manhood that’s genetically hardwired into your system, but has never been allowed to unfold in modern society. It’s not like modern society doesn’t accept real manhood – in fact, many of the most successful men in the world have developed real manhood. It’s that it doesn’t set that process of developing manhood in motion.

Chances are, that you feel like something is missing in your life. You might feel as if it’s a woman that’s missing in your life – but deep down inside you know that it’s not a woman that is missing. It’s something else that is missing in your life. You feel it. And every single woman that you talk too feels it too. I’m not trying to be esoteric or spaced out or anything. But women have a sense for that thing. And it’s what they want. And if they feel that you don’t have what they want, there’s no way that you’ll be able to attract them. You can fake it with all kinds of techniques and pick-up tricks and this and that – but in the end, it will collapse like a cheap folding chair under a five-ton-challenge. All the ways and methods of pretending to be someone else than you actually are? Reality will crush them just like that.

Rather than trying desperately to figure out a thousand ways to fake it, better go the one way to make it. In fact, don’t even do it for the girls. Do it for yourself. Because that’s the thing a woman wants.

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