Things To Talk About With Women

Not sure which things to talk about with women when you meet them? Well, it’s good that you’re looking it up on the internet, because most men totally screw this up and bore women to death.

Let’s look first at what most men do:

Do you have brothers and sisters?

What do you work?

What did you study?

Where did you grow up?

What do you like to do for fun?

What kind of music do you like?

Stuff like that.

If you want to put a woman to sleep and wonder in her head why she’s (again) spending her time sitting around with a boring loser buying her drinks, then these are the questions you want to ask.

Do you know why guys ask these kinds of questions to keep a conversation going? There are really two main reasons: one is that they’re afraid to talk about anything that could “screw things up for them”. Maybe I’m going to talk about some really cool movie that I saw, and she hates that movie and things it’s stupid. Stuff like that.

You know what? If you talk about something that she thinks is stupid – simply don’t care. You don’t need her approval. If she’s not okay with something that you say or like or want or do – then that’s her problem, not yours.

But if you actually want the woman to get interest in you, and to feel attracted towards you, you have to do things differently.

Talk about things that are totally “meaningless”, but interesting.

Want ideas?

Well, switch on any talk show, look at any gossip magazine – it’s full of stories of what people love.

I’m not advising you to subscribe to some yellow press shit, but if you have no ideas what to talk about, at least take some of those magazines and read them and try to figure out why they can sell millions and millions of these magazines that are full of trite.

Why? Because they’re full of drama, violence, betrayal, love, scandals, sex, crime, and so on.

That’s the stuff we human beings are hardwired to be interested in.

Make fun of somebody. Britney Spears is always a good victim in that regard. (It’s hard to talk about her WITHOUT making fun of her, after all… – the only exception is when you talk about her bank account).

Maybe you’re not into “superficial” and meaningless stuff – that’s okay, but you know what? If it helps you to better connect with other people, have fun and hook up with girls, then heck, get hip on it. If you’re already a funny, cool guy, than that’s fine, talk about that.

You can talk about breast enlargements or nose jobs – everybody has an opinion on those. You can say stuff like: “The birthday of a friend of mine is coming up, and his girlfriend wants to do a breast enlargement treatment as a birthday gift for him. I’m not so sure he’ll be happy about that. Should I tell him so he can talk with her? What’s your opinion on that?”

But you can talk about popular TV shows, about celebrities, about places…  if you don’t want to talk celebrity gossip, places are great conversation topics with women! Talk about the history of a place, talk about the love and romance and crime that happened there, stuff like that.

If you still worry about things to talk about with women, then your challenge really isn’t that you can’t come up with topics, but that you don’t have a good way of keeping a conversation flowing. Fortunately, there are some great materials that can easily teach you just that.

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