The Risk Of Approaching Women

Let’s dig a little deeper into that whole approach anxiety issue herem because it’s bugging so many guys.

In fact, I’m going to talk about any kind of anxiety and give you a logical, reality-based framework here.

Because fear is something that really switches off our brains and makes us dumb. And it’s a good idea to have something at your disposal that helps to counter that tendency.

Here is a test every time you run into some kind of anxiety.

Ask yourself:

Is this something where I could gain a lot, and the risk is relatively small? (Even if I screw up or get unlucky, will I be able to deal with the bad outcome?)

Is this something where I could gain a little, and the risk is relatively big? (If I screw up or get unlucky, will I be able to deal with the bad outcome?)

If it’s a situation where the risk is relatively small, then just do it.

But if it’s a big risk, then try to find another thing to do.

Now, when you approach a woman… the risk is kind of nill.

The “bad” outcome would be that this women wouldn’t be interested in you, but your life would basically be not affected.

Yeah, the secret jealous boyfriend that you didn’t know about could walk up and stab you with a knife for talking to his girlfriend (might really happen if you by any chance pick some druglords gf. But com’on… chances are, you’ll win the lottery twice in a row before that happens).

Now I know that this kind of logical reasoning won’t change anything about how you’re feeling when you approach a woman.

That gut-wrenching anxiety is still there.

But the purpose of this was simply to check if it’s worth actively doing something to get over that fear or not.

If you really want to get good with girls, you need to work on this.

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