The Dating Lottery

I’m not playing the lottery, but if you do, and you sometimes feel shy to talk to beautiful women, then you should read this.

Dating is a numbers game, among other things.

If you talk to zero women, your chances of getting a date (or more) are… well, zero.

If you talk to ten women, your chances of getting a date (or more) are… well, it depends largely on how you talk to them, but if you use the advice that you find on then your chances will be at least two. So talk to ten women, get two dates.

But still – for many guys that kind of success probability is “not good enough”. They don’t want to have to talk to ten women to get two dates.

That’s quiet unrealistic. The world, and human beings, are way to complex for a hundred percent success rate.

Imagine a lottery.

Now, a lottery, we all know what the real chances of winning the jackpot are. (It will happen right after you’ve got struck by lightning three times in a row).

But yet, millions of people spend billions of dollars playing lotteries.

So then chances are something like 1:39872459 (I made that number up, but it kind of looks realistic).

Now, as I said, I don’t play the lottery because the chances are hugely stacked against myself.

But if the chances would be 2:10, with a lottery ticket costing $1, and the jackpot being $100… well, that would be a lottery I’d play. I’d just by $20 on buying 20 tickets, and I’d have a pretty surefire chance of winning a couple hundred bucks.

Now, what’s worth more to you? A hundred bucks or a really hot chick that could end up being your f-friend or your girlfriend?

What’s more… simply talking to a hot chick doesn’t even cost you that $1 that the lottery ticket would cost.

But still, many guys don’t do it.

Think about how absurd that is.

I’m not just telling you this to make an obvious point. I’m telling you this so that you understand something about the irrationality that governs our minds.

Yes, I often say that women are irrational. But so are we, we’re just irrational in other ways.

And if you have the insight to really recognize your own irrationality, then you will also understand the irrationality that’s going on in a woman’s mind. And you’ll realize how to use her irrationality to improve your seduction skills.

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