Why Dumb Girls Are More Attractive (Scientific Study)

There is a common saying that goes that dumb girls are more sexy. Stupid girl = attractive girl?

Well, not always, but in many cases that actually is true.

And there is now science behind it to prove it. Scientists use the term sexual exploitability hypothesis – basically meaning: the dumber a girl is, the more easily she can be sexually exploited. Dumb girls can be seduced easier. So it makes sense for a men to find dumb girls more attractive, because it enhances his chances of passing on his genes.

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When Women Smile At You, Other Women Want You More

It’s a really easy way to become more attractive, sexy and desirable to a woman: have other woman smile at you.

Now, in the seduction and pick up world, we have known that for quiet some time, but what I didn’t know is that even scientists know that! (They actually did a study about this).

If a woman sees that other women smile at you, she will find you more attractive.

What’s also interesting – according to a study women who have been drinking find guys around 25% more attractive. So get them to drink something. And I don’t mean trash them. Just a glass of wine will be fine. Because alcohol stimulates the part of our brain that determines facial attractiveness of other people.

Now, the video also hands out some really crap advice – basically telling you to suck up to a woman by flattering her, making the conversation all about her, laughing at her jokes etc. If you try that in the real world with attractive women – good luck. (Yeah, it DOES work with the ugly, boring ducklings that never have anyone laughing at their jokes or paying them a compliment, but to a woman that’s attractive, this is just a turnoff, because she gets it all the time from guys).

But here’s an interesting thing: if you have opposing views about something, and then you let her win you over to her side, so that you change your opinion to hers, makes you more attractive. Honestly, I haven’t tried that, and it goes to my instinct in the first place. But I’ll check it.

Developing Your Sense of Fashion

Now a lot of guys who aren’t as successful with women as they want to be have kind of issues with fashion.

Sometimes they think fashion isn’t manly. Or they think that caring about fashion is somehow female, or gay.

Or they just don’t care.

It doesn’t matter what it is: if you want to be more successful with women, upgrading your sense of fashion is a really good idea.

I’m not saying that you can’t pick up women when you’re dressed badly. You can. It’s just a lot more difficult.

And you can enhance your chances of succeeding with women many times by just dressing better.

(Btw. that does not mean you have to wear expensive brand-name clothes or anything like that. You don’t need to spend a fortune on clothing.)

But how do you develop your sense of fashion?

Well, there are really two ways that I want to recommend you.

First is: make use of your observation skills.

Look at how other people are dressed. And particularly, look at how people dress who are successful with women.

Look at the details and try to understand what makes them look good.

And the second piece of advice on developing your sense of fashion is way more powerful.

Go shopping at least every week. The more the better.

You don’t have to buy anything. But just go into a clothing store and try on different outfits.

Also try on things that you have no intention of buying, or even wearing, and that you think are totally ridiculous. But just try them on to see what it does to your appearance.

This really does two things:

First, you will get a better eye for what makes you look good.

And second, it will build up the confidence inside you to wear things that you might not feel comfortable in right now.

And realize this: going into a clothing store, trying out clothes and not buying anything is totally fine.

A lot of guys worry about the sales staff. What’s the sales staff going to think if I come in here and don’t buy anything? And then they have to put the clothes back and this and that.

But you know what?

That’s they job.

That’s what they get paid for.

They get paid for being there for people who want to try on and buy clothes.

They are already getting paid by the hour, whether you walk in there or not.

And oftentimes, the sales staff in clothing stores is female (and good looking). And you can use that as another opportunity to practice your seduction skills and increase your confidence with women.

Here Comes The Man In Red

I just read about an interesting study. It shows that women are more attracted to men wearing red than any other color.

Now – of course this doesn’t mean the chicks will come after you like mad when you put on a red shirt – but knowing stuff like this, you can easily do one more thing to stack the chances in your favor. (Yes, it has a micro-effect, but add a hundred small things like this together and you got something powerful).

Apart of telling you to wear red shirts when you want to attract women, I find the study fascinating.

Apparently, there is some biological mechanism that makes the color red more attractive. And in China for example, red has always been a color that has been associated with wealth and power (remember – they got this whole feng shui thing going on for thousands of years already, and the use of colors is a big part of it).

The lead author of the story said:

“We found that women view men in red as higher in status, more likely to make money and more likely to climb the social ladder. And it’s this high-status judgment that leads to the attraction.”

Now, does that make any logical sense? Is it reasonable?

No, not at all.

But if you’ve been reading my dating advice column for any amount of time, you already know that nothing about attraction is reasonable or logical. It’s EMOTIONAL. And when you simply get to know the emotional triggers of women, then all you have to do is to push their buttons and they’ll be like ice melting in your hands.

How To Become Really Successful With Women

If you want to become really successful with women,

then you need to become really successful at being a man.

Look, let’s face it:

you’re not all you can be.

You’re a slacker.

Maybe a slacker with discipline, maybe you’re a slacker that’s working hard and pushing himself…

… but in the end, you know that you’re not at your max.

You’re not all that you can be as a man.

You’ve not fulfilled 100% of your potential.

Because it’s so comfortable not being at 100%.

It’s so comfortable to hang out in the 30s or 40s.

Feels so good and safe to be around the 60s and 70s.

But anything more than that, you usually get into some serious head-games.

“Am I really able to do this?” “Do I really deserve that kind of life?” “Can this really be possible?”

And usually “no” is the easy way out.

It’s kind of like the Sirens in greek mythology, the beautiful women that seduce men with their singing and lead them into death.

You have your own Sirens inside of you, that lead to the death of the man that you could be.

So be the man you could be first, and success with women will come.

Bad Guys, Hot Girls & Ice-Cream

Guys still send me emails because they’re puzzled why women so often feel irrationally attracted to jerks.

Why the don’t take the nice guy that’s good for them, but instead let the bad guy abuse them, cheat on them and treat them badly.

Now, that’s a behavior that’s not so uncommon at all.

Yes, it’s irrational. It doesn’t make sense logically.

But it’s not uncommon.

Just look at yourself:

Do you always eat what’s best for you? What’s healthy?

Or do you also sometimes eat things that are bad for you, but they are so tasty?

We all know that sugar is bad.

Yet, products that contain sugar (or artificial sweeteners) are often the ones that have the highest margins (because people value it highly, they are willing to pay for it), and that sell the largest volume (people want a lot of it).

Heck, I love ice-cream.

Not eating ice-cream would be good for me. And eating ice-cream is surely bad for my health, not just for me teeth.

But I get so much enjoyment out of it, that I do it despite my better knowledge.

Well… bad guys are kind of like ice-cream for hot girls.

Not because they’re bad, but because they’re cool in a way that’s very attractive to hot girls.

So learn to be cool.

Attraction Makes You King Or Slave

Something important about attracting women that you should understand.

In fact, it’s about attraction in general, so let me start with it from YOUR perspective.

When you see a really hot woman dancing, do you notice that something happens with you?

There’s an emotional reaction going on.

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go to a club where really hot girls dance, or go to a high-class striptease bar).

When a really attractive woman dances really sexy in front of you, it does something.

It creates intense attraction.

She is giving you some kinds of signals that change the way you feel.

(And these changes are basically chemical reactions that happen inside your brain).

Some women are better than others at emitting the “signals” that cause these chemical reactions in your brain.

They do it with their body language, gestures and voice tone.

Now if that hot woman is dancing really sexy in front of you… can you just “stop it” and be totally cool? (I mean not just acting cool, but feeling totally at easy and NOT attracted?).

You really don’t have any conscious control over deep emotions like that.

In a way, it’s hypnotizing.

So the hotter the woman, and the more sexy she dances, the less conscious control you have about yourself and the situation.

This is an important point:

the more attracted you are, the less control you have about yourself and the situation.

Do you see a shift in power?

The one that feels attracted is in a position of inferior power to the one that creates the attraction.

That is why it’s important that you are the one who creates the attraction.

Fortunately, women respond to different signals than men. I’m really not a good enough dancer to have that kind of effect on women.

Women respond to the way you talk, the sound of your voice, the way you move, your facial expressions – things that you CAN control and improve. It’s about your character and your personality.

And if you learn how to attract really hot women, then you are the one who is in control. And it’s fun to play with a woman’s attraction. Once you experience that, you will see that dating really is a game, and it’s a fun game, and you’ll enjoy playing it. And the more you enjoy playing it, the better you will become at it.

Some guys think this is a cruel, dog-eat-dog style approach to romance.

But I tell you what. I love to fall in love as much as the next guy. I love to be in love with a woman as much as any other guy. And heck, I love romantic moments if it’s not cheesy Hollywood-style stuff.

But you need to get out of that Disney-fantasy world. The game is being played in the real world. And there are some harsh truths to face in the real world. Closing your eyes and trying not to see them won’t help you to be happier. You need to face reality first – and then you can discover all the beautiful stuff that’s there.

Reality has good things and bad things. That’s life. You have to make a choice: do you want to live in a fantasy-bubble because you only want the good things, or do you want to live in the real world, experience real pleasure, even if there’s bad stuff to cope with too?

That’s the difference between a guy who spends his life surfing porn sites and a guy who spends his life with really hot, beautiful, sexy women around him.

A firm grip on reality.

What Women Want: Follow, Lead, Or Get Out Of The Way

If you really want to be attractive to women, then you need to have a leadership personality.

Beautiful women don’t want men that follow like sheep.

They want a leader.

A leader is someone that makes decisions and follows through.

A leader is not someone that’s looking for approval.

In fact, that’s the secret of leading.

You don’t need to try to convince other people to follow you.

Instead, just do what you think is the right thing to do, whether other people are okay with it or not.

You will see that people will start to follow you by themselves if you act that way. You won’t even have to try to convince anyone.

So if you want women to want you, lead the way.

The Dating Lottery

I’m not playing the lottery, but if you do, and you sometimes feel shy to talk to beautiful women, then you should read this.

Dating is a numbers game, among other things.

If you talk to zero women, your chances of getting a date (or more) are… well, zero.

If you talk to ten women, your chances of getting a date (or more) are… well, it depends largely on how you talk to them, but if you use the advice that you find on MasterSeducer.com then your chances will be at least two. So talk to ten women, get two dates.

But still – for many guys that kind of success probability is “not good enough”. They don’t want to have to talk to ten women to get two dates.

That’s quiet unrealistic. The world, and human beings, are way to complex for a hundred percent success rate.

Imagine a lottery.

Now, a lottery, we all know what the real chances of winning the jackpot are. (It will happen right after you’ve got struck by lightning three times in a row).

But yet, millions of people spend billions of dollars playing lotteries.

So then chances are something like 1:39872459 (I made that number up, but it kind of looks realistic).

Now, as I said, I don’t play the lottery because the chances are hugely stacked against myself.

But if the chances would be 2:10, with a lottery ticket costing $1, and the jackpot being $100… well, that would be a lottery I’d play. I’d just by $20 on buying 20 tickets, and I’d have a pretty surefire chance of winning a couple hundred bucks.

Now, what’s worth more to you? A hundred bucks or a really hot chick that could end up being your f-friend or your girlfriend?

What’s more… simply talking to a hot chick doesn’t even cost you that $1 that the lottery ticket would cost.

But still, many guys don’t do it.

Think about how absurd that is.

I’m not just telling you this to make an obvious point. I’m telling you this so that you understand something about the irrationality that governs our minds.

Yes, I often say that women are irrational. But so are we, we’re just irrational in other ways.

And if you have the insight to really recognize your own irrationality, then you will also understand the irrationality that’s going on in a woman’s mind. And you’ll realize how to use her irrationality to improve your seduction skills.

Approach A Hot Girl (Because She Wants It Too)

Next time you see a really hot woman in some bar or nightclub, I want you to stop your mind for a second.

Because for many guys, what’s going on in their minds is this:

“Oh, man, look at that hot chick! I wanna talk with her… but… she’s out of my league, or she probably has a boyfriend already, or I’ll just screw up somehow”.

That’s not exactly what will make you successful with women.

Instead, think this:

“Look at that sweetie. She put at that time and effort into dressing up like that, and look at her hair and makeup. She did all of that to get attention, she enjoys attention. I’m gonna give her some, she’ll like it.”

Do you get that?

It’s much better than: “Oh, I couldn’t talk with a girl like that.”

And it’s true: if she’s made herself up like this, she did so because she DOES want attention.

And if you want to get good with girls, then you should not let a chance like this pass.