Developing Your Sense of Fashion

Now a lot of guys who aren’t as successful with women as they want to be have kind of issues with fashion.

Sometimes they think fashion isn’t manly. Or they think that caring about fashion is somehow female, or gay.

Or they just don’t care.

It doesn’t matter what it is: if you want to be more successful with women, upgrading your sense of fashion is a really good idea.

I’m not saying that you can’t pick up women when you’re dressed badly. You can. It’s just a lot more difficult.

And you can enhance your chances of succeeding with women many times by just dressing better.

(Btw. that does not mean you have to wear expensive brand-name clothes or anything like that. You don’t need to spend a fortune on clothing.)

But how do you develop your sense of fashion?

Well, there are really two ways that I want to recommend you.

First is: make use of your observation skills.

Look at how other people are dressed. And particularly, look at how people dress who are successful with women.

Look at the details and try to understand what makes them look good.

And the second piece of advice on developing your sense of fashion is way more powerful.

Go shopping at least every week. The more the better.

You don’t have to buy anything. But just go into a clothing store and try on different outfits.

Also try on things that you have no intention of buying, or even wearing, and that you think are totally ridiculous. But just try them on to see what it does to your appearance.

This really does two things:

First, you will get a better eye for what makes you look good.

And second, it will build up the confidence inside you to wear things that you might not feel comfortable in right now.

And realize this: going into a clothing store, trying out clothes and not buying anything is totally fine.

A lot of guys worry about the sales staff. What’s the sales staff going to think if I come in here and don’t buy anything? And then they have to put the clothes back and this and that.

But you know what?

That’s they job.

That’s what they get paid for.

They get paid for being there for people who want to try on and buy clothes.

They are already getting paid by the hour, whether you walk in there or not.

And oftentimes, the sales staff in clothing stores is female (and good looking). And you can use that as another opportunity to practice your seduction skills and increase your confidence with women.