Exercise To Build Charisma For Seduction

If you want to know how to become good at seduction, watch the guy in this video and then emulate him.

And it doesn’t matter how handsome or smart you look or not look. Just watch the guy, see how he acts, how he looks and try to feel how he feels.

He’s got his game down.

I can’t emphasize enough how important ATTITUDE is when it comes to girls.

And this is one way to build that attitude. This is how you BUILD charisma – you practice it!

Seriously, watch the video and then copy his gestures, his looks, his facial expressions.

Practice them with your eyes closed, with your eyes open and in front of the mirror.

Practice them recording yourself, and practice several versions of it.

When you KNOW how you are perceived by others, that alone makes you so much more confident. And it puts you in control.

Most insecure guys simply don’t know how to bluff. They simply don’t know what others think about them – and that makes them totally insecure.

How To Become Really Successful With Women

If you want to become really successful with women,

then you need to become really successful at being a man.

Look, let’s face it:

you’re not all you can be.

You’re a slacker.

Maybe a slacker with discipline, maybe you’re a slacker that’s working hard and pushing himself…

… but in the end, you know that you’re not at your max.

You’re not all that you can be as a man.

You’ve not fulfilled 100% of your potential.

Because it’s so comfortable not being at 100%.

It’s so comfortable to hang out in the 30s or 40s.

Feels so good and safe to be around the 60s and 70s.

But anything more than that, you usually get into some serious head-games.

“Am I really able to do this?” “Do I really deserve that kind of life?” “Can this really be possible?”

And usually “no” is the easy way out.

It’s kind of like the Sirens in greek mythology, the beautiful women that seduce men with their singing and lead them into death.

You have your own Sirens inside of you, that lead to the death of the man that you could be.

So be the man you could be first, and success with women will come.

Attraction Makes You King Or Slave

Something important about attracting women that you should understand.

In fact, it’s about attraction in general, so let me start with it from YOUR perspective.

When you see a really hot woman dancing, do you notice that something happens with you?

There’s an emotional reaction going on.

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go to a club where really hot girls dance, or go to a high-class striptease bar).

When a really attractive woman dances really sexy in front of you, it does something.

It creates intense attraction.

She is giving you some kinds of signals that change the way you feel.

(And these changes are basically chemical reactions that happen inside your brain).

Some women are better than others at emitting the “signals” that cause these chemical reactions in your brain.

They do it with their body language, gestures and voice tone.

Now if that hot woman is dancing really sexy in front of you… can you just “stop it” and be totally cool? (I mean not just acting cool, but feeling totally at easy and NOT attracted?).

You really don’t have any conscious control over deep emotions like that.

In a way, it’s hypnotizing.

So the hotter the woman, and the more sexy she dances, the less conscious control you have about yourself and the situation.

This is an important point:

the more attracted you are, the less control you have about yourself and the situation.

Do you see a shift in power?

The one that feels attracted is in a position of inferior power to the one that creates the attraction.

That is why it’s important that you are the one who creates the attraction.

Fortunately, women respond to different signals than men. I’m really not a good enough dancer to have that kind of effect on women.

Women respond to the way you talk, the sound of your voice, the way you move, your facial expressions – things that you CAN control and improve. It’s about your character and your personality.

And if you learn how to attract really hot women, then you are the one who is in control. And it’s fun to play with a woman’s attraction. Once you experience that, you will see that dating really is a game, and it’s a fun game, and you’ll enjoy playing it. And the more you enjoy playing it, the better you will become at it.

Some guys think this is a cruel, dog-eat-dog style approach to romance.

But I tell you what. I love to fall in love as much as the next guy. I love to be in love with a woman as much as any other guy. And heck, I love romantic moments if it’s not cheesy Hollywood-style stuff.

But you need to get out of that Disney-fantasy world. The game is being played in the real world. And there are some harsh truths to face in the real world. Closing your eyes and trying not to see them won’t help you to be happier. You need to face reality first – and then you can discover all the beautiful stuff that’s there.

Reality has good things and bad things. That’s life. You have to make a choice: do you want to live in a fantasy-bubble because you only want the good things, or do you want to live in the real world, experience real pleasure, even if there’s bad stuff to cope with too?

That’s the difference between a guy who spends his life surfing porn sites and a guy who spends his life with really hot, beautiful, sexy women around him.

A firm grip on reality.

What Women Want: Follow, Lead, Or Get Out Of The Way

If you really want to be attractive to women, then you need to have a leadership personality.

Beautiful women don’t want men that follow like sheep.

They want a leader.

A leader is someone that makes decisions and follows through.

A leader is not someone that’s looking for approval.

In fact, that’s the secret of leading.

You don’t need to try to convince other people to follow you.

Instead, just do what you think is the right thing to do, whether other people are okay with it or not.

You will see that people will start to follow you by themselves if you act that way. You won’t even have to try to convince anyone.

So if you want women to want you, lead the way.

Why Dating Advice Is Useless

You can find a lot of dating advice on the Internet and on MasterSeducer.com

But here’s a sad fact:

If you are not an exceptional guy, a true rarity, then all that dating advice won’t help you at all.

Because out of 100 guys that read dating advice, only about 10-15 actually USE that advice.

The large majority of guys just reads it, and they question it, or they think about it, or they do whatever with it in their head… but they don’t take any action. They never use that advice.

That kind of makes as much sense as having a car but not driving it. What’s the point?

Listen, if you are reading this, then you’re reading this because you want to become more successful with women.

That’s cool.

But stop right now and fucking PROMISE yourself that you are going to USE the advice.

I’m serious.

Swear under oath. This is your life, dude! Nobody is gonna do it for you. You’re the only one.

And if you think: “yaya, I know, I’m not like that, I don’t need to swear or promise anything”

then I can already tell that you’re one of the 85 of 90 guys who won’t do anything, and you’ll probably end up with some wive that you’ll divorce once you figured out that the two of you weren’t mean to be after 21 years of marriage.

(Yeah, I’m into seduction and pickup and stuff – I love sex, I love having sex with many beautiful women, but you know what? The divorce statistics really make me sad, because I know all the drama and shit that’s involved in it. And I know that if you simply get hip and power up your  attraction skills, then you got everything it takes to find the girl that you’ll want to marry and build a happy family with her – once you’ve had all the fun in the world you want with girls).



Personal Rejection Power

Basically there are two BIG fears around women:

The fear of approaching women, and the fear of being rejected by women.

And while we often mix the two up together, they are actually different.

The reason why “rejection” hurts so much is because you take it personally.

If you don’t take it personally, it won’t hurt.

If you take it for what it is, it doesn’t matter.

Only if you make a big thing out of it, and draw all kinds of conclusions (like: “Oh, I’m not worthy, I’m too ugly, I’m too stupid, lalala”) will she have power over you.

Never let her have power over you. The secret of being a man is holding your power.

Bust Her

Here’s something for you to really keep in mind.

I mean, engrave it in your mind, so that you don’t have to think of it. It’s just there. That’s what you want.

Whenever you are around an attractive woman, act, speak, think and feel like you demand that she lives up to her potential.

Read that last sentence again.

And again.

You must demand from her that she lives up to her potential.

Because you know what?

She doesn’t live up to her potential right now.

She’s just as lazy and slouchy as any other person in the world. Sometime, she just wants a break. She’s not at her best. And deep down inside, she knows that.

And she can’t get her ass up by herself.

That’s why she wants a challenge.

And the only one who can truly challenge her is a man.

A strong man.

A manly man.

Be that man.

Attracting Girls Like Thomas Crown

The Thomas Crown Affair is a great movie if you want to get better at attracting girls.

Yeah, Thomas Crown is this ultra-rich New York financier, and he’s an absolute womanizer.

But it’s not his money that makes him attractive to women. In fact, the money is simply a result of his personality. And his personality is that of a man who has mastered himself.

He always i in control of the situation. No matter how the police tries to get after him – he’s always three steps ahead.

Being around him, one always feels  like playing chess against Kasparov.

If you want to work on your inner game, then this is the movie to watch.

Forget all the money. Forget even the looks.

That’s the boring stuff.

The stuff that gets the girls excited is what’s left after you take all that away.

Attracting Girls If You’re An Ugly Guy

I know a lot of guys that don’t date enough women because they think they don’t look good enough.

They are afraid that the women won’t be interested in them because they can’t keep up with Brad Pitt or George Clooney.

And I get why so many men think that way.

They think that women won’t be interested in an average or below-average looking guy because they are not interested in an average or below-average looking girl.

It’s a fact that men and women are attracted to different things.

Men are mainly attracted to looks (first).

Women are mainly attracted to PERSONALITY.

It’s not looks.

And if you doubt that, I suggest you go to any crowded place and count couples.

I want you to categorize the couples:

Category A:  hot dudes and ugly chicks.

Category B:  hot chicks and ugly dudes.

Category C: approximately equally looking partners.

You’ll find that there are A LOT more in the B category than in the A category.

(Many guys think the reason is money. But while that might be true in 10% of the cases, in most cases hot chicks stick to ugly guys because of their personality!)

And that’s good news for you if you don’t look like the guy from the Coke ad.

Because there’s very little you can improve about your looks.

But your personality?

It’s easy to improve your personality in just the right areas to attract chicks.

Dating Advice: How To Handle The Girls

Guess what women don’t like.

A man without a clue.

That’s why when you first date a girl, she’ll set up all kinds of “tests” for you.

You pass the test, you move on to the next level.

You don’t pass the test, game over.

By the way – I said “game over”. And that’s really how you look at it: a game.

Guys like games.

But for some reason, so many guys don’t get that dating is just another game.

Usually they’re good at games.

But the dating game, they screw it up.

A woman will want to know:

Does this guy know how to deal with my moods and dramas?

If she gives you a little piece of drama, and you can’t handle it…

… she’ll think that you can’t handle another part of her either.

And she doesn’t want to waste her time with a guy that doesn’t know how to handle her.

So you better learn how to handle ’em.