Speed Dating Tips

Check out some cool speed dating tips to help you make the most out of it. Speed dating is fun and a great way to practice and hone your dating and seduction skills and get over shyness and flirting insecurity issues.

One of the biggest advantages of speed dating is that… well, it’s so short. It’s easy to be good at it. It’s a lot easier to “be interesting” for eight minutes than it is to be interesting for a two hour dinner.

Try Different Personas

You can really practice your acting skills a bit when speed dating. If you’re usually a shy or quiet type of guy, just push yourself to be outgoing for two minutes.

I’m not telling you to start relationships based on lies and a fake character – but I’m telling you that learning to become more expressive will make you a lot more charismatic, even when you’re the quiet and calm person that you really are.

Be Bold

Again, nothing more boring to a woman than a shy guy that’s kissing her ass. Yes, in the movies, you can find beautiful women that are attracted to the “nice, quiet guy” – but in reality, it’s very hard to find such a couple.

Women want a man that’s very confident, bordering on arrogant – but being funny about it.

There’s a lot of advice that says: “Women want a man that can listen to them”. Yeah, that’s right, but if you’re speed dating, just listening to her will do you no good at all. Women want a man that is able to understand her, not a man that simply listens to everything she says because he things that she’s so awesome that he accepts everything he gets from her.

Be Sexy

Bring up sex. Show her that you’re comfortable talking about sex, and can do it in a playful way. But don’t overdo it either – women don’t want to hook up with you if they think that sex is all that’s on your mind.

You can do it in an indirect and funny way. Talk about some something that’s just a bit naughty or sexy, like G-strings or breast enlargement. Don’t talk about dicks or tits and anything like that. It’s not about being vulgar – it’s about demonstrating that you’re at easy with everything sexual.

The Obvious Stuff

I think you can skip this, because you already know this. But I have to put it in here anyway. After all, this is the internet, right? All kinds of people surf on the internet, so I just want to make sure that nobody messes up because of this and include it in my little list of speed dating tips here.

You should take good care of yourself and your body. Like clean, short fingernails, no body odor, good haircut. If you’re not into fashion or don’t care about dressing up, and you’re not willing to improve that part of your life to have better chances with the girls, at least do this: Get yourself a nice pair of shoes and take good care of them. Women always notice a man’s shoes, and even if you don’t look stylish otherwise, you can score big with shoes. Same goes for sunglasses – a pair of good, expensive sunglasses can make an otherwise no-no wardrobe into: “Hey, this guy knows about style, but he’s just to cool to care”.

That is something that many women can also find many attractive). However, simply walking around like a hobo won’t have that effect.

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