Shy Guy?

If you feel shy when you talk to beautiful women there’s a simple thing you can do to increase your confidence with women.


Just practice talking with as many beautiful women as possible.

You don’t have to make big conversations.

Just say something funny, something teasing, something cocky.

When you go somewhere to drink something and there’s a cute waitress, your mind should go: “Bawoom! Opportunity!” And then you should say something to her that’ll make her smile.

You don’t need to get her number or try to seduce her or anything like that. Just say something that makes her smile.

If you buy something in a store and the cashier is looking good, put in a flirty sentence before you hand over your cash.

The reason why I’m talking about waitresses and cashiers or saleswomen is because it’s easier to talk to them than it is to just walk up to a random strange woman and say something to her if you’re shy around women.

The point is: no matter how shy or insecure you might feel around hot women right now, there is something that you can do that’s your personal “next level”. And you want to get to that next level as soon as possible, so you can move on to another level.

What’s funny is that the first steps are usually the hardest – even if they seem to be the smallest. The more steps you make, the bigger the steps will become, but the easier they will be.

The process of becoming a master seducer is easy. No matter where in life you are now, you can get good with the girls.


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