Rules Of Dating

Mastering the rules of dating is one of the most powerful things you can do to become more successful with women. A lot of men have absolutely no clue about how dating works, and then they still wonder why they have such a hard time hooking up with the kind of woman they really want.

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Also, I want you to realize one thing right away: you can’t learn these rules in 5 minutes. Dating is a game. And like any game, it has it’s own rules. But it’s a big and important game. And the rules aren’t that easy.

But is figuring it out worth it?

Well, let’s put it this way:

  • Is it worth your time to be able to confidently approach any women and have a conversation with her, no matter how hot she looks?
  • Is it worth your time to be able to date and seduce women easily whenever you feel like it?
  • Is it worth your time to be able to attract a woman that you’re in love with?
  • Is it worth your time to be able to start a relationship with the kind of woman that you really want, instead of settling for some other girl?
  • Is it worth your time to never ever have to be afraid again that you won’t find the right woman?

If you answered any of these questions with yes, then keep reading.

The most important rule of dating is this: make it fun!

And I’m dead serious. Because that’s the way it should be. A lot of men aren’t comfortable when they’re dating women. They are nervous, they feel insecure, and all these kinds of things.

But if you want to be good at dating, you have to learn how to make it fun. The woman you’ll be dating is going on a date with you because she wants to have a good time. She wants that you make her feel good and take her mind off all the things that she doesn’t want to think about.

When you are having fun dating women, then you’ll have a completely different “aura”. Women pick up on whether a guy is comfortable with himself, and if you are comfortable and fun, then that will be a lot more attractive to her than money or looks.

(This is another rule of dating: As a man, we have a big advantage over women. Because even if we’re not looking good, we can make up for it with our personality. Men are mainly attracted to looks, women are mainly attracted to personality. If you doubt that statement, then simply think of all the ugly to average-looking guys that you saw walking around with really hot chicks. There are a lot of them! And in many cases it’s not because of money, but because of the man’s personality. Now think of all the really good looking men you saw walking around with ugly women… um.. not that many, right?)

There are many rules in dating – the rule of reciprocity, the rule of emotional progress, the rule of power imbalance. Quiet frankly, it’s too much to put it all in one article.

Instead, simply check out the best material on the rules of dating.

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