Online Dating Tips For Men

There are many online dating tips for men out there that are just pure garbage. Reading it, it’s almost as if someone has written them to purposefully have you mess it up. But then I know that’s not the case – these people just have no clue what they’re talking about. Yes, they might have had “success” finding a woman online that they hooked up with. But how many hours did they spent in front of their computer, and what kind of woman did they end up with?

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They will tell you stuff like: “Make compliments. Everybody likes to hear compliments, but specially so women, because it validates their own sense of worth”.

Well, put yourself in a woman’s shoes (if she’s anything other than ugly) going online. For every halfway attractive woman in cyberspace, there are about 60 needy man who try to chat with her. Guess what they all tell her?

“Wow, you look so amazing. You Are so beautiful. You are so this, you are so that.” Basically, they put her on a pedestal.

What do you think happens when you will be number 61 in half an hour who tells her how beautiful she is? Well, yeah, you’re just one of the other guys, and her interest in you is going to be zero. She’s going to chat with you mainly because of a sense of politeness, but nothing else, while she waits for a real man to talk to her the way she wants to be talked to.

(I’m not saying you should be a stupid macho ass either, women see can right through that – it’s overcompensation for a tiny…

… ego. – Or what where you thinking I’d say?)

Woman want a man that is confident. If you crawl up to her, you are basically communicating low-self esteem to her – maybe not openly, but she’s feeling the vibe of your words and get’s that impression of: “This guys really just saying he’s not in my league…”

Tease her a bit. Be interesting. Avoid anything that even remotely smells as if you’re seeking her approval (there’s only one kind of woman that likes men who seek approval, and if you end up with one of that kind, you’re screwed).

Another common piece of advice that you can find when you are looking for online dating tips for men is that you should be original. And even me, I just told you that you shouldn’t do what every other guy is doing, right? Isn’t that kind of the same thing? No, in fact it’s not. Because almost every man tries to be original when they message a woman. They’re all trying to do the same thing, and that makes them all the same.

It’s a paradox, I know. You can actually stand out from the crowd by NOT trying to be original.

This sounds a bit difficult. But it’s not. In fact, in the case of online dating, there are a couple of “out of the box phrases” that can really help you to get dates with all kinds of hot women easily.

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