Online Dating Tip

Here’s a cool online dating tip: when you chat with a woman, accuse her (jokingly) of being a man, or being desperate, or weighting twice as much as it says in her profile, or being married or nymphomatic, dating several guys at the same time. When I say “accuse”, don’t do it in a serious way, but half jokingly – just so that she’s not really sure whether you really mean it or whether you’re kidding.

Might sound silly, but there’s powerful underlying psychology: because if you’re the one that is “checking her out”, then she’s in a position where she has to justify herself, and kind of “prove” that she’s worthy of your time. That’s very powerful – because it makes you special and stand out from all the other guys she’s talking with online who are nice all the time because they’re afraid of upsetting her.

You are basically communicating: “Look, I have high standards with women, and I don’t have time to waste.”

Advantages Of Online Dating

One of the biggest advantages of online dating is that you can practice your dating skills without a lot of the stuff that holds you back in the real world. It’s a lot easier, and the risk of rejection is a lot smaller, when you start chatting with some woman online than when you start talking to her in a bar or nightclub. Also, you have time to think about what it is you want to say – because chatting happens slower.

Any Hot Chicks Online?

A lot of guys still think that the only women that you can find online are kind of nerdy housewives. The truth is that there are A LOT of stunningly hot women that can be found on online dating sites and chat rooms that you’d never be able to meet in the real world, because you simply don’t go to the places that they go to. But thanks to the internet, you get to be “in their homes” and you get to meet them.

Keep It Real

Here’s a thing that happens to a lot of guys: they get online to date a woman, but then they start getting involved so deep in the whole internet-thing that it basically replaces reality.

Don’t let that happen to you. When you spend time dating women online, make sure that you have a clearly defined “mission goal”. You want to get on a date with that woman as quickly as possible – a real date – so you can evaluate whether you want to take it further with her or not.

Creating A Great Profile

I don’t suggest you simply “copy and paste” some profile template. Instead, if you really want to become good at online dating, I suggest you simply take one or two hours and do nothing but reading other GUYS online profiles – and notice what’s similar, and what’s different. This will really help you to see things from a woman’s perspective – because guess what: most profiles are very similar, and if there’s nothing new in your profile, why should a woman respond to you?

Fake Profile

This one is for study purposes: set up a profile as a woman! Don’t mess with other men’s minds. Just set up a profile as a woman and see what other men write to you. This is great field study material, because you’ll basically see what most men write, and you’ll see what’s cool and what’s lame and boring.

Avoid Time Wasters

Don’t spend time with women that live to far away from you, or have other killer-criteria. There are way too many possible candidates, it simply isn’t worth wasting your life in front of a computer with a chick that won’t go nowhere.

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