Online Dating Profile Username

Online dating is a great way to hook up with hot girls. However, there is a right way, and about a thousand wrong ways to do it.

internet dating tips

Think about your online dating username for example. A lot of guys either don’t put enough thought into this, or they don’t think about it at all.

Here’s a short video clip that gives you some of the do’s and don’ts of choosing an online dating profile username.

They do share some general good advice, and it is true that the online username that you choose is part of the first impression – and even more so an element of the image you create. Because with every chat conversation and every exchange, in the online world your name is much more present than in the real world, where your face, tone of voice and body languages comes in far more heavy.

However, a username alone won’t get you far – it takes a few more nifty tricks to make the online dating game really easy.

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