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Get effective online dating help to be more successful with seducing women online.

Do you know what online dating is really about?

Think about it for a moment.

Is it about women? Romance? Relationships? Attraction? Or cybersex?


None of these, my friend.

Do you know what it’s about?

Here’s what it’s about: selling yourself.

More precisely: selling yourself through words and pictures.

Of course, nobody is going to “buy” you in the literal sense of the word from an online dating site.

They won’t exchange money for ownership rights over you (at least I hope they don’t – and if you come across a dating site that encourages these kinds of interactions, you better stay away from it 😉 ).

But: every woman that looks at your online dating profile also looks at the profiles of many other men. And your first job is to stand out from the crowd and make her interested in you., so that you can move on to the next step.

The most important part of your profile is in fact your picture. Use a good picture of yourself. Look – I’m not a handsome guy, but I have a picture that works magic for me. Now, the trick here is to make your picture look attractive, even if you are not an attractive guy. (And I’m not talking photoshop).

So how to do that?

Well, use bodylanguage, clothing and so on. And have other people make pictures of you where you are enjoying yourself, where you have fun, where you do something that makes you happy. (Night out with friends? Tell them to take pics of you, and so on).

If a guy is obviously having fun in a social situation in a profile picture, that is a lot more attractive than some guy who took a picture of himself with a webcam sitting alone in his room. It also significantly reduces her thoughts of “this might be a psychopath who’s going to chop me into pieces”, because somehow people with a good social life are much less likely to be psychos. Trust and attrraction – that’s what you want to trigger with your profile.

Also, make sure to pick a good username. A good username never has a number inside (so John485 is really bad), because many people subconsciously associate these names with fake spam accounts, and also because it makes you seem generic and boring. Your username won’t make or break you in the digital dating world, but it’s a bit of online dating help that puts chances in your favor. Now, there are a thousand more things to consider, I’m not going to get into the details here. But come up with something creative. If your name is Michael, and you’re a kind of cool, level-headed guy, don’t make it CoolMichael – use the thesaurus and come up with a better word that shows you’re smart (and exhibits a positive trait). Example? Instead of CoolMichael you could choose ImperturbableMike. Immediately makes you stand out from the mass of other guys and makes you seem more interesting.

Again, there are more details and small tips for online dating help. But the best thing to do is to just get this:

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