Online Dating Game

There are a lot of people who try to find a partner online. But in the end, it’s just a game – the online dating game. In fact, dating is a game.

That doesn’t mean that it is not important, or that you should mess with a woman’s feelings.

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It just means that you shouldn’t be serious about the whole thing – it’s a game, and you are supposed to have fun with it and enjoy it.

There is a town of dating advice for guys out there. But that advice is geared towards real-life situations. There is almost nothing when it comes to seducing woman online.

No Need To Be Embarrassed

learn the online dating gameA lot of men are also a bit ashamed when they try to find a girl online. Why? Because, well… they think online dating is a thing for losers, only for guys who can’t hit on a woman in real life.

But the truth is: the online dating game is for smart guys! Becauseyou can immediately sort out the girls who are actively looking for men too. If you know the right method to get them, your success rates will be a lot better than they ever could be in real life.

How To Win The Online Dating Game

There are a couple of things that you must get straight if you want to win the online dating game. And you must be willing to put a little bit of effort in first. You see, most guys who try their hand at online dating and never get anywhere are the ones who just sign up with a silly username, upload their pic and don’t even set up a good, attractive profile.

But that is what makes the first impression online – and you never get a second chance to make a first impression. In fact, for most girls, a boring or uninteresting profile will immediately be a killer criteria.

Derek Lamont has created a system that he calls “The Online Game”, where he shares exactly how to create an online profile that will give you an instant unfair advantage over all the other guys. And this works for all kinds of sites – not just explicit online dating sites, but also for online communities like facebook, MySpace, bebo, and so on.

The next thing is how to chat up a woman online. Here’s a hint: “Hi, how are you?” isn’t necessarily the best line to get laid fast. And neither is some canned “ice-breaker line”. If you just get those first 30 seconds of your first conversation right, you’re way ahead, and she won’t even know it.

The next thing to make sure is how to communicate with her so that she will start to feel sexually attracted to you. And this is what almost all the guys get totally wrong. They either behave in a nice way, so that the girl starts to put him into the “let’s just be friends” category, because he’s such a nice guy. Or they talk so overtly about sex that she’s just annoyed and thinks: “Oh, just another pervert!”

The online dating game is about getting to meet a hot woman as fast as possible in real life – and already having set up everything so that you can make your next moves easily and smoothly. Once you know how it’s done, it’s really easy – a couple of practice runs, and you’ll be the champ of the online dating game!

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