My Approaching Women Weekend

A lot of guys have a hard time approaching girls. Mainly because they’re afraid of it.

If you’re one of them, then I want you to approach at least ten girls a day. Just say hi, talk to them a bit. You don’t need to turn it into a full-blown conversation.

This exercise is not about getting a girls number. It’s not even about making her like you.

It’s not even about “becoming better at approaching girls”.

It’s just about learning something.

No matter what happens – you can’t fail. Even if you walk up to a girl and say “hi”, and she gives you that disgusted look and tells you: “Get out of my face, you dork”, it wouldn’t matter.

(Btw. the chances of that happening are at around 1/5464).

All that matters is that you do it. Even if you’re afraid, you just do it. Even if you’re clumsy and start to stutter and blush, just do it.

You might now want to do it with the woman in your office that you work with every day, but instead with some random strange women that you don’t know.

Heck, I once drove for a weekend to another city to do JUST THAT. And I wanted to make sure that nobody who knows me sees me screwing up.

And I did spent my entire weekend just chatting up different women that I saw on the street, and in cafes, bars, shopping malls.

And you know what?

The me that went drove away for the weekend, and the me that came back from the weekend, those were two different mes.

So was it worth the driving and staying in a guesthouse for a night?

You bet it was.

It’s just one of these things that you can do to really become better with the girls.

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