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The Matt Gorden ebook on lasting longer in bed is actually not “just” for men who have premature ejaculation (PE) issues. If you don’t already have full control over how long you can make love, then his book Ejaculation Trainer will probably be the best thing you can read to improve your sex-life.

Matt Gorden EbookMatt Gordon teaches you very solid and science-based strategies that help you to keep an erection for longer, and enjoy sex more.

Now don’t think porn-star-performance.

Think amazing sex that will make every woman want to come back for more.

There are several reasons why I advice my students to read this book.

Obviously, I want them to be able to keep it up and satisfy the girls they have sex with.

I want to spare them the shame and embarrassment of finishing off too early.

And there is a surprising “word of mouth effect” if you’re mindblowingly good at satisfying girls. They actually talk about it if some guy rocks her world in bed, and girls who know will try to seduce you.

How’s that for turning tables?

But the most important reason why I want my students to read the Matt Gorden ebook is what it does to their game.

You see, seduction is 99% attitude.

Attitude is how you think and feel about yourself.

Almost all the techniques, tips, tricks, strategies and courses I share on with you serve mainly one purpose:

  • to install the right attitude in you. This is so important, I’ll repeat that:
  • to install the right attitude in you.

And you can’t really fake that.

(Well, you can fake it, but the only girls who will fall for it are more trouble than fun).

You know what happens to your attitude if you are totally confident about your love-making abilities?


It’s kind of like those old masters in the Chinese kung fu movies – you can throw a rock at them, and they’ll catch it with their left hand while sipping a cup of tea with their right hand.

Now the Matt Gorden ebook is not all fun and games.

In fact, when I first read it I felt like skipping over the pages, because I wanted to get right to the juicy part.

(It’s more than 100 pages of material).

But, the way he laid out information is so that you get the maximum benefit from it. It’s almost evil genius level kind of teaching.

Matt will teach you all kinds of things that you need to last longer in bed.

And I’m not just talking PE muscle exercises, or the kind of things you find in books like Barbara Keesling’s How To Make Love All Night.

Heck, he even teaches you how to masturbate.

If you’re a student of mine, you know that I think you shouldn’t be masturbating if you want to get your game together. But I know a lot of guys are doing it anyway because they’re kind of hooked on it. So if you masturbate, then I would literally ORDER you to get the Premature Ejaculation Trainer ebook because it shows you what you absolutely have to get right when you masturbate (and the mistakes way too many guys make when they’re jerking off that causes them to be a zero in bed).

Now, here it is. Click it: -> Download the Matt Gordon Ebook

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