Manipulative Women – How To Deal With Them

If you want to know how to deal with manipulative women, you’re far ahead of most men. Because many men never even realize the manipulative attempts that women let loose.

You see – women’s brains work differently than men’s brains. Men tend to be physically stronger and general have more powerful positions in society than women.

So it’s really tough to challenge men by using force or power for a woman. That’s why they developed other strategies for dealing with men. They “strategically outsmarted” us in an evolutionary sense by using emotional tricks and manipulation to get their way.

Find Out How To Deal With Manipulative Women

There are women that are more manipulative than others, and if you’re already in a relationship with a very manipulative woman, then it’s going to be tough to regain your freedom. However, it’s important.

But even if you’re not in a relationship with a manipulative woman, but maybe you are just dating one, you still should know how to handle them.

See, pretty much every women will try to manipulate you at some stage in the dating and attraction game. In fact, that’s a major part of it. They basically want to “check” how easily you can be manipulated.

What’s funny is that for the vast majority of girls and women, if they find that they can manipulate you easily they will lose all interest in you and drop you like a hot potato.

Then there are some girls that will want to engage in a relationship with you when they find that they can easily manipulate you, and these are the ones that you want to stay away from. It doesn’t matter how hot or sexy she is, if she’s that kind of girl, all I can tell you is: run, Forrest, run!

Believe me, these women will turn your life into a living hell, and it’s simply not worth it. They will suck the life out of you (and not in a good way if you know what I mean).

Find Out How To Deal With Manipulative Women

There are so many other women out there, you don’t need to cling to a control freak. That’s why it’s important to master the game of dating and attraction – so that you have a wide enough choice that you’re always in a position to walk away and hook up with somebody else if things get to bad.

So, this is important in the dating process by the way. If they start acting manipulative, DON’T give in to their demands. Don’t let them have it their way.

In fact, you want to be rebellious here – in a funny and cool way, not in an immature way. Just let her know who’s in charge.

For example, if you’re about to get some food, and then you say: “I’m gonna get a burger” and she answers: “Ewww… I hate it when people eat meat. It’s so primitive.” Then you just answer: “Well, you might wanna eat alone then.” And then you order a burger, with the meat extra raw.

There are so many ways that women can start to act manipulative. They’ll do it by being bitchy, by being bratty, by throwing a tantrum, by getting all emotional and crying, by becoming demanding, controlling or they’ll use sex (or the implicit “promise” of sex – basically teasing you) to stir you the way they want you.

Just don’t give in to them. It’s a deep psychological game, and you need to get really good at it.

In fact, I fell for quiet a lot of manipulative women, and it let to some really effed up relationships. Nowadays, I don’t know how I could stand it back then, it simply baffles me that I didn’t just walk away from some of these girls back then. But it really was David’s dating guide that opened my eyes to this all and basically “made me a free man” 😉

7 thoughts on “Manipulative Women – How To Deal With Them”

  1. It’s not that they “strategically outsmarted” us, it’s that we don’t expect such vile, evil behaviour because men usually have common decency.
    Like if your friend says they’ll give you $100 for doing a whole lot of work for them, then when you’re finished they laugh and say “haha you fool, I outsmarted you, I wasn’t going to pay”, that’s not exactly outsmarting. That’s just being a dirtbag with no morals, ethics or conscience, and quite frankly is a lower intelligence way of getting things. Higher intellegence is what brings cooperation for mutual benefits. These manipulative women end up with no lasting friends
    because they screw them over. Manipulation is a short term strategy
    that most men are above, because most menhave been whipped into shape, learning to stand on their own legs, not being allowed to cry when it gets tough, not having a woman to bail them out. Men don’t have to princess syndrome where women grow up expecting a man to take over from daddy in meeting their material needs.
    Men could also ply the manipultion game but they tend to be above it, and above other emotionally immature strategies such as name calling

  2. Rizzo, you obviously had some nasty experiences with women, and I’m sorry for that. But you’re missing a point here, and unless you get over the issue you have with seeing so much vile and evil in women, I don’t think you’re ready for anything good to come your way. Sorry to say – this website is not the place for that. I created this site to help guys have a good time with the ladies, and in your case, I think you need to get an emotional car wreck out of the way first.

  3. MasterSeducer,

    I read your great post and rizzo’s comment. I think you both make much sense, I don’t know why you think rizzo carries emotional baggage though. There ARE indeed women who can be very dark in their ways, attemempting to “deal” with that kind of women is the biggest mistake a man can do, in fact, anything short of running away is wrong.

    I read a great article here about dealing with that kind of deep manipulation

    Men should never turn their radars off, but at the same time relax and enjoy life. I simply prevent myself from getting emotionally attached to any woman until I feel a certain level of trust in the woman I’m pursuing.

  4. Hi MisterR,
    yeah, men (AND women too…) should never turn their radars off and at the same time relax and enjoy life. That’s very true.
    Sure, there are really wicked women, but there are really wicked men too, and in general I don’t think demonizing one sex is doing anyone any good.
    Men and women function differently. There are men and women who have good attributes and bad attributes. Why I think rizzo carries emotional baggage?
    Because his words show that he somehow thinks men (in general) are more noble, as if their character is made out of a better fabric. When in fact bad character is pretty evenly spread among both sexes. You gotta see the differences between sexes – and these differences are on a sliding scale of good and bad.
    And I totally agree, the best way to deal with manipulative women is to avoid them like hell, they are just a pain in the …

  5. What about women that need to be wanted by you, and then completely lose interest the moment you give in? I have a longtime friend that continues to play this game with me. Its the emotional equivalent of the ‘come here, come here, come here. No, go over there, go over there, go over there’ game.

    Problem is, even after I fall for it, get pissed, then ignore her, after some time passes she starts again and I fall for it thinking its for real this time. real this

  6. Hi Burnt Bad,
    I feel your pain man. The only way out of this situation is to step away from her the more she pursues you. You’ve already recognized what’s going on, but man, we all know that our head-knowledge doesn’t stand a chance if we feel emotionally compelled to give in.
    In your place, I would really do some serious mind conditioning to end that “relationship” so you don’t fall for thinking it’s real this time again.
    And then one of two things is going to happen. As you keep pulling away from her while she pursues you, and she’ll either continue to pursue you until she gets over that “breaking point” where she’s willing to hand the whole package over to you, or she’ll give up her manipulative game and you both can get on with your lives. Either way, you win.
    You knew all of that already, but the reason why I’m still telling you about is because you haven’t ACTED on your knowledge yet. And by that I mean you haven’t conditioned your mind yet. I know that kind of stuff often feels boring or we think it doesn’t work, but think of it as going the gym (only this one is a “mental gym”)- you need to do it regularly and you need to stick with it before you can reap the benefits. After all this is a mental game – so you need to get in shape and build your psychological muscle.
    Let me know if you have further questions.

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