Make Your Voice Deeper

When you talk with women, the sound of your voice is extremely important. The part of our brain that processes sounds is called the auditory cortex – and with women, there is a large overlapping area with the kinesthetic cortex. I’m not trying to give you a summary of brain surgery 101 here, but what I’m saying is: for women, sounds translate into feeling.

If the sound of your voice is right, you can create sexual feelings in women just by saying things. That’s why it’s good to make your voice deeper – because a deep, resonant voice is what women love.

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It doesn’t matter by the way what you sound like now – you absolutely can improve your voice. Most people aren’t really aware of thism but with a bit of training, simply by doing some exercises you can deepen your voice and make it into a real turn-on for the girls.

Can You Really Make Your Voice Deeper?

It’s funny that a lot of people still think they can’t do anything about the way they sound. Yes, you are born with a certain voice – but that doesn’t mean you can’t change it. You see, you are born with a certain body type too, but how it develops depends on how you use it. If Arnold Schwarzenegger would have spend his teenage years sitting in front of an X-Box, playing computer games, he would not look the way he looks. He looks the way he looks because he trained hard for many years.

Fortunately it’s a lot easier to change your voice – you don’t need to train years, not even months. You see, your vocal chords are simply muscles. And muscles can be grown, stretched and strengthened.

Relaxation is key here – if your vocal chords are not relaxed, but tense, then your voice will have a higher pitch. If on the other hand you relax your vocal chords then you will have a much more resonant and deep voice. So how can you relax your vocal chords?


Drinking lots of water helps – because water helps to keep your muscles supple. If your body isn’t properly hydrated, the muscles won’t be able to remain in a really relaxed state. Now, drinking water alone won’t make your voice deeper – but it’s a prerequisite for certain exercises to work effectively.


Posture is extremely important to the way you sound. You can alter the sound of your voice simply by altering your posture. You want to stand upright, and breath deeply, so that there’s a lot of air in your lungs – which creates more resonant space for your voice.

But the effects of changing your posture alone are hard to notice and very unsatisfactory if you really want to make your voice deeper. For that, you need to do certain exercises that can help you to strengthen specific muscle groups in your neck.

One thing is to actually strengthen your neck muscles. A very specific group of neck muscles, specially the sternocleidomastoids. A stronger neck will help you to have more relaxed vocal chords when you speak, which will in turn make your voice deeper.

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