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internet datingThis is not the kind of internet dating advice you find usually online. It’s exclusively targeted for MEN who want to date women online. And I’ll not talk about some of the stuff that should be really obvious (like keeping things save and so on). MasterSeducer is for grown-ups, people who don’t need to be told how to act responsibly.

internet-datingNow, there are literally THOUSANDS of online dating sites out there. So it’s important that you pick one with high chances of success. Look, it’s good and fine to sign up for some small internet dating site, but keep in mind that the more women are active on a site, the higher your chances of finding good ones. So I suggest signing up for large online dating sites.

Also, there are certain ways to contact women online so that they respond eagerly. And there are two things that factor into this:

  1. Your Profile
    How you set up your profile on an online dating site is one of the most important things for you to do. Your profile will create the first impression, and there is no second chance to make a first impression. If your first impression isn’t favorable, you won’t get a chance to make any other impression at all. When you claim your complimentary copy of Master Seducer Secrets, you will get some cool tricks that will naturally trigger attraction in women – just by looking at your profile. If that isn’t cool, then I don’t know what.
  2. Your Approach
    “Hey, you look cute! How are you?” Guess how far that will bring you with a girl. But even some more sophisticated approaches don’t bring success. There are easy ways to get girls to respond without spending a lot of time on writing your first message. Again, in the Master Seducer Secrets you will get some sneaky tricks of the art of an online approach.

Also, select a cool and effective screenname. For example, which one you think will work better? Bob8473 or Bob The Dude? If you’re living in Los Angeles, then Bob in LA will work good too. Small stuff, but it makes a difference.

The next step is, once a girls responded to you, to get ahead as quickly as possible. You really don’t want to waste a lot of time with lame girls. And you don’t want to exchange 100 emails with a girl who wants to find the love of her life, get married, buy a house and have five kids, if all you want is a bit of quick and fun action. (In fact, you don’t want to exchange a 100 emails with ANY girl. That would take way, way, way too long. 3-5 contacts is usually all it takes).

If the girl doesn’t have a picture, you still want to have some way of figuring out whether she is hot or not. No picture does not always mean she’s ugly. Some girls just don’t like to put their pic up, because they are afraid that someone they know might find it and then make fun of her. But how can you find out if she looks hot anyway? For example, ask her what she likes to do. When she mentions a social activity, ask her if lots of guys chat her up. If yes, then that’s a good sign that she’s hot. If no, well, then guess what? Ever met a hot girl that doesn’t has to keep guys off with a stick? Probably not…

It’s also important that you upload a good profile pic. Now, some people think a cartoon or a picture of Puff Daddy makes for a good profile pic on a dating site, but I hope that’s not you. The very purpose of a profile pic is so that the woman can see who you are – and you want to put YOUR picture there. Don’t hide behind sunglasses and a cap or something – it should be a photo where you smile friendly, or look cool. But don’t be too concerned about how you look. Just make sure that she can see your face. (Keep in mind, women care about security – so they won’t respond well to some guy who is afraid to show his face).

This is really pretty basic internet dating advice – for more advanced tips, get the (free) Master Seducer Secrets!

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