How To Get Girls In Bed

Want to know how to get girls in bed? Techniques that actually work in the real world? (And not just the fantasy of some kid posting in an online seduction forum?) Read this.

One of the first things you need to do is to understand that attractive women always run a couple of checks over every guy that they consider. It’s basically a process of separating the weed from the chaff. And most men don’t even know that they’re doing it.

Arrogant girls aren’t really arrogant

You know, when a girl acts arrogant or mean or snobbish towards you – that’s not because she’s arrogant or mean or snobbish. That’s because she’s running a check on you! It’s like when you want to enter a secret nightclub, and you need to say a codeword in front of the door to be let it. If you tell the guy behind the door: “Hey, let me in. I want to party, I have in friend in there.” The guy won’t let you in, if you don’t have the codeword. Then you can say: “Come’on, don’t be an ass, just let me in, I’m all right, I’m cool. Who do you think you are, making me stand outside here?” That’s not gonna get you any further either. Because you obviously don’t know what it takes to get in.

And with a girl, you also need to know what it takes to “get in”. That “arrogance” that she’s pushing in your face isn’t really arrogance – it’s like a guard standing in front of her gate. And you just need to know how to handle that guard.

“Will he jump through the hoop if I snap my fingers?”

One of the things beautiful girls like to do to check if a guy is good material for her is to ask him to do something for her. Now, the thing is: if you do, that’ll immediately disqualify you. A beautiful girl doesn’t want a guy who behaves like a trained dog around her. She wants a man. A confident man. A man who’s worth her attention.

You need to understand this if you want to know how to get girls in bed. If you do what she wants, she might keep talking to you, just because she figures she might as well get something out of you – but she won’t consider you as a potential sex partner.

“Will you buy me a drink?”

This one is one of the most common checks that attractive women will run on you. And usually, a guy says: “Yes, sure. I’m not a cheap shot, and I’m not poor, so here, choose any drink you want.”

We’ll get on what to reply to this instead.

Insulting & Making Fun Of You

Another thing that beautiful women often do is to insult you or make fun out of you. Now, she’s not really doing this because she’s a nasty b*tch, but because… yes, it’s another check that she’s running you through!

A lot of guys are faking their confidence – but if a girl insults you or makes fun of you in front of other people, then either your real confidence will shine – or, if your confidence is all fake, it’ll collapse like a cheap folding chair under an elephants ass, and leave your insecurities exposed.

A guy who isn’t confident will walk away, look down, be defeated by a beautiful girl making fun of him. But a confident guy knows how to handle this.

Taking Charge

Sometimes a girl will take charge of the situation and take the lead in a way that puts you down. For example, she might talk with you, and instead of listening to your reply, she might turn away and talk to some other guy, ignoring you. There’s many ways girls can pull this one off. But, recognize that it’s a test. What she’s doing is trying to figure out whether you are strong or weak. She wants to know if she can rely on you when the going gets tough – a weak guy will react wrong to this kind of treatment, but a strong guy knows just how to handle it and keep the lead.

How a Player Acts

Now, if a woman asks you to buy her a drink, don’t just say “Ok, what do you want?”. We already covered that. But saying: “No, buy your own drink.” isn’t the right answer either.

So what do you say instead?

Well, you make her do something for you first. (Not what you think, though…) 😉

So make it something like: “Sure, I’ll get you a drink, but only if you give me the best Charlie Sheen impression that you’ve got.” This way, you’re telling her: ok, I will get you a drink – but only if you entertain me. You’re essentially establishing: You’re only worth a drink to me if you do something for me first, you have got to provide some value. I won’t buy you a drink just so I can talk with you (because I am used to talking to beautiful attractive women).

When a woman insults you – just ignore it. Pretend as if she hasn’t said it.

And if a woman is trying to lead – just use dominant body language. Dominant body language communicates: I’m in charge. It’s the opposite of submissive body language. Submissive body language is doing things like looking down, keeping your feet together, lowering your head, letting your shoulders slouch, or covering your chest with something – instead, be open, confident. Find out more about body language for flirting.

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