How To Become A Master Seducer

If you want to know how to become a master seducer, let me tell you that it doesn’t come automatically. It takes a lot of practice – smart practice that is.

I mention smart practice, because there’s a huge difference between “just practicing” something – even if you put effort into your practice – and practicing something effectively.

Practicing effectively means that you have a kind of mentor or blueprint or tutorial that helps you to figure out what the next step is, and how to improve. It also means that you have some kind of feedback mechanism. This is important, because a lot of guys that practice seduction are basically doing the same thing over and over again and wonder why they don’t get any better at it.

One of the most important things to work on is your own self-confidence. You absolutely have to be confident with women and be comfortable with yourself – this will make all the rest so much easier. So you should “practice being confident” – and you do that by exposing yourself to all kinds of risky situations and acting brave.

It’s good to practice in high-pressure situations where things are more difficult. Places like bars and nightclubs are great places to practice your seduction skills. Because there are lots of hot-looking, single women who are willing to be approached there. But there’s also a lot of competition from other guys, the music is loud, and women tend to act differently in bars – they’re more likely react bitchy, because they put their persona on.

In fact, to most guys, it’s a lot more difficult to approach a girl in a bar or nightclub than it is to approach her in a normal, everyday situation like a cafe, or just on the street.

But that’s why bars and nightclubs are good – because you practice in a difficult environment, you will be so much better at it when you practice in an easy situation.

You also need to learn good routines to talk to girls, so that when you communicate with them, you don’t become “just friends”. I know some guys who got really good at talking with women, but they always talked with them the way other girlfriends talk with them – and so they never got a piece of ass.

You want to become good at reading women’s body language and also learn how to use your own body language to nonverbally communicate confidence and a high social status – that’s very attractive to girls.

And then there are seduction tricks you have to know. For example, do you know how to tell if a girl is ready to be kissed? A lot of guys are still fumbling around when a woman wants to be kissed and is giving them all kinds of signals. There’s a surefire way to “test” her readiness. How to get her to her room? It’s quiet easy if you package it right.

You see, women thing very different about sex than we do – and we have to understand how they think about it, so that we can set up things so that “sex happens”.

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