How To Be Cool With Girls

So you’re wondering how to be cool with girls – great! Because that theĀ  most important thing. In order to be cool, you don’t need to wear fancy sunglasses, or brandname shoes or anything like that.

The most important thing is that you are comfortable with yourself!

And I really don’t want to sound like a sesame-street adviser here. But if you really look at the coolest guys on planet earth, the thing that all of them have in common is that they are completely comfortable with themselves.

There are so many different styles to be cool.

You can even be dorky and absolutely cool and get respect from the guys while the girls will love you. Why? Because if you’re comfortable with yourself, then you radiate that certain SOMETHING that almost nobody has.

Because believe it or not – most people just put on a facade that looks good. Behind that, they are just as insecure and self-doubting as anybody else.

And deep down inside – they know that. And they have a burning desire to change it – they just don’t know how.

Now, if you got that something – if you are comfortable with who you are (including everything that’s wrong about you) – then they can sense that. And it’s attractive as hell.

Because you have something that they can’t have. And they want it so much.

I really want to hammer that point home hard.

Because way to many guys spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on LOOKING cool. But that’s not what you want. Yes, you can try to fake it. And some will fall for it. But deep down inside, you’ll know that you’re faking it, and it won’t feel good.

Becoming absolutely comfortable with yourself isn’t easy – but it’s absolutely doable if you’re committed to it.

You might have to do some weird kind of exercises, including telling yourself certain things and visualizing yourself in certain ways.

Quiet frankly, when I started doing this stuff, I just felt weird about it. I did SO NOT BELIEVE that any of this would work. But I just gave it a shot, because after all, what did I have to lose?

I’m surely not the kind of cool that many people think about. But you know what? When I walk into a room, there are so many girls that greet me, smile at me, and give me all kinds of signals, that I’m absolutely fine with it.

In fact, a guy that’s really cool is so rare that women almost seem to smell it from a distance.

So if you want to know how to be cool with girls, my suggestion is: stick to what works.

Yes, you can get some superficial b*tch to fall for you if all you have is styling, fashion and an act. But believe me, some of these girls can get seriously annoying. So why not be able to attract the really cool chicks – the ones that look hot, but are fun to hang out with.

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