How To Attract Asian Women

Many men don’t know how to attract Asian women. That’s why if you DO know how to do it, you’ll have a huge advantage over them, you basically stack the chances in your favor drastically.

I know very well what’s attractive about Asian women – I love their slender figure, their fine facial features, their hypnotic eyes… to me, Asian women are the most graceful, calm concentration of PURE SEX there is in a woman. I like Asians because they’re hot like hell, but they also make for a great, lovable girlfriend.

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But there’s a problem with Asian women: oftentimes, you have to approach them in a different way than you’d approach other woman to create attraction.

How To Attract Asian WomenIt’s not that they are completely different from women of other ethnicities. But East-Asian women (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai-Girls, Laotian, Singaporean or Cambodian) have grown up with a completely different set of cultural values and codes.

The basic underlying desires and wishes are exactly the same as with any other woman. But the way they express them are very, very different. And the way you have to communicate with them in order to create attraction is very different because of these cultural differences.

Don’t get me wrong – Asian women still want a man with a strong character, a man with a healthy sense of confidence, and all of that.

(Btw. – if you think that Asian women are submissive, then I hate to burst your bubble – but they’re not submissive at all. They are a lot cooler and a relationship with them will be a much smoother ride. They don’t need all the “drama” that Western women want. But if you want a Geisha, you better keep reading those anime comics instead of trying to find on in the real world).

If you’re really into Asian women, then it’s worth learning about these differences so that you know how to attract Asian women!

The Mistake Almost Ever Man Makes With Asian Women

A lot of men who are into Asian girls are waaayy to eager to tell the girl that they like “Asians”. This is a huge turnoff for most Asians. They don’t want a guy that’s interested in them because of their race.

And do NOT try to guess where she’s from, or even bring the subject up. Let HER bring it up. You’ll be surprised that many Asian women will say something like: “You know, most men I date want to know whether I’m Chinese or Korean or Thai or Vietnamese… it’s so annoying. So cool that you haven’t brought that up”.

It happens almost every time when I met an Asian girl in the states. If you meet an Asian girl in Asia of course, then it’s a different story…

If You Want Steak, Don’t Go To A Vegetarian Restaurant

Okay, here’s an obvious, but often overlooked biggie:

Go to places where Asian women spend their time! That’s a huge one. Simply being in a place where Asian women are beats all the others.

Japanese community centers? Bingo! Asian dances? Bingo! Chinese new years celebrations? Bingo! And, um… Chinatown anyone?

And get creative. I know a guy that looks up flight schedules and goes to the airport when a plane from Tokyo arrives! It’s crazy, but it’s brilliant. He’s getting tons of numbers from Japanese girls that come to the states to have fun. Many don’t know their way around here, don’t know anyone, and he’s a cool guy that can show them cool stuff and places.

Sure – there are a lot of Japanese dads around too, but just avoid the ones that you see travelling with their family and talk to the ones that are on their own or with other girls.

And then of course, on of the best ways how to attract Asian women is on online dating sites where there are Asian women! Duh, right? Should’ve thought of that.

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