Heavy Flirting Techniques

Okay… so you got the basic flirting thing now, and now you want to utilize some heavy flirting techniques to get further with your girl.

Instead of simply telling you “do this, do that” – advice that you can find on many other websites, and that simply won’t help you because it’s way too general – I want to tell you about something that works like gangbusters if you want to take it up a notch.

It’s what I call seduction steps. And it’s all about how you take a girl from being unaware that you even exist to so hot that she will literally beg you to have sex with her.

And then there are all the steps in between these two points – these “steps” are basically emotional states that you want to lead a women through.

If you want a woman to do something, remember this mantra: “Change her mood, not her mind”. Women are hardwired very different from men, and they tend to make decisions based more on intuitive and emotional reasons, rather than logical reasons.

So, what are the seduction steps?

They consist of:

  • Approaching a woman
  • Transitioning
  • Attracting
  • Qualifying
  • Comforting
  • Seducing
  • Loving

Since you’re looking heavy flirting techniques, I’m not gonna spend time on approaching, transitioning, attracting, qualifying and comforting. (Btw. one of the coolest ways to move through the steps is cold reading). If you want heavy flirting, hopefully, you already have made her feel comfortable with you.

A lot of guys get stuck in the phase where they make the girl feel comfortable around them – and that means, ending up as “just friends”, or “a fun guy to hang out with”.

The simplest way to get out of the “just friends-zone” is to talk about sex, but in a cool, funny, teasing way.

For example, talk about bisexuality. There was actually a study during which they let men and women watch porn, three different kinds of porn: men with women, men with men and women with women. Obviously, the men got turned on by men with women and women with women. But 80% of  the women got turned on by the same! Google that study and talk about it, and then relate it to her.

Btw. I told you first I’m gonna skip the general advice, but there’s one thing about heavy flirting techniques that I want to mention anyway:

One of the “simplest” but most underutilized flirting tools are your eyes. Simply keep eye-contact. Never be the first to break eye contact. The longer you look into a woman’s eyes, the stronger the effect will be.

(Btw. do not stare like a psycho at her, do not drool at her – you want to look at her in a cool way. It’s important that you have the right attitude and mindset switched on here. Look straight at her eyes with highly focused determination thinking: “I know exactly that you want me. It’s only a question of how long it takes for your act to break down, but trust me, babe, I’m staying here till that moment comes, so you might better just give up now”.)

Again, the point of staring at her is NOT to show her how fascinated you are by her. It’s to show that you’ve got the upper hand in this – but in a playful and cocky kind of way. When your eyes move elsewhere, make sure that they move slowly – slow eyeball-movements communicate strong confidence, something that’s highly attractive to women.

Looking straight into her eyes activates a very primal part of her brain – it triggers the fight-or-flight reflex and causes a heavy hormone cocktail to be released. You’ll have much more of an emotional, deep impact on her than any other guy in the room.

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