Flirting Techniques

Here a couple of flirting techniques for men that are guaranteed to be more successful with women. It doesn’t matter if you are a shy man or an outgoing and confident man – these techniques work like magic on the girls!

Don’t Look Away

This is a typical scenario: A man sees a beautiful woman, looks at her, until she notices his looks, then looks at him, and he immediately looks away. For many people, the “looking away” happens on autopilot. Because they don’t want to appear pushy, because they are insecure, because they want to be polite, or simply because it is an old habit… whatever the reason – when it comes to flirting, switch of that autopilot and instead use this chance. If she looks at you, then it is an opportunity to make eye contact.


It’s good to smile, smiling is an excellent flirting technique. You might think of the cool guys in the movies who get the girls by just looking good, without smiling, but in real life, unless you’re blessed with supermodel looks, gold chains and diamond rings, smiling will get you a lot farther with the girls. Make it a bright, wide smile! You want to smile confidently and happily. If you look like you got that thing called “happiness”, girls want to have a piece of you too!

Wink & Wave

Now, another thing that most guys do is that they smile, but they don’t smile AT the girl they want. Instead, they just “put a smile on their face”. In most cases, this is due to insecurity. Sometimes, if a girl doesn’t smile back or gives you that annoyed look (which means nothing else than: “I am a stupid bitch and not worth your attention anyway, but I supersized my ego”) – it can be an ego-crusher. But you simply have to get over that and really smile at the girls, and communicate directly with them. Wink or wave (in a cool way) at them – this is a display of confidence. And confidence makes you attractive!

Talk It Easy

Make some conversation with the girl. Talk to her about something that’s easy, and that’s about her. Ask her a question that isn’t too intrusive into her privacy. Be sexy, but make her laugh and have a good time too.

Eye Contact Formula

You don’t want to continuisly stare into her eyes, but you want to keep steady eye contact. Don’t look through her, or past her, or away from her (or at her breasts). Instead, look her in the eyes, but again: take it easy. No heavy staring, which would make her feel uncomfortable or intimidated.

Eye Wandering

Now, a little eye wandering is cool – you can check out her body too. Just don’t overdo it and act like a drooling moron. But many people think that if a girl notices a guy is checking her out, she will immediately be pissed of. Girls are not stupid. They know guys check them out. Just do it for a short moment, and directly afterwards go back to making eye contact. Be confident – you don’t want the girl to think that you feel ashamed because you checked her out and she “caught you” doing so. A quick look is fine. Just make it a second or so, in between the eye contact, and after a while, do it again to check out another part, and so on. You can actually look the eye wandering as a flirting technique, if you got the right look in your eyes.


You can touch her – on her hand, arm or shoulder. Just a quick, soft touch, like friends do it – not like lovers do it. Notice her reaction. Does she pull away? If so, take it easy with the touching until she is more comfortable around you.

Have A Good Time

I wouldn’t really call this one a “flirting technique”, but rather a strategy. When you flirt, the most important thing is that you have fun. Sometimes, the best thing you can do when you flirt with a girl is go while having fun. Why? Because you really want to build up confidence when you are starting out. In fact, when you just start with some good flirts, then don’t even ask for a number – just have a good time, and then just say: “Was good talking to you, have fun!” and leave. This will help you to take things easy, because you will understand – not just logically and rationally, but actually understand it physically – that you don’t need to care about what one particular girl thinks of you. Flirting really is a game, and there are millions of players out there.

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