Flirting Body Language

There are different things when it comes to flirting & body language. One part is about reading a woman’s body language so that you understand what she communicates to you. The other part, and this is what we want to look at here, is how you can improve your own body language to be more attractive to the girls.

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The most important thing that you want co communicate with your body language is confidence. In fact, simply standing, walking, sitting and moving the way a confident man moves will strongly increase your attractiveness to the girls.

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Women love confident men, and with a bit of practice it’s easy to take on a confident body language. What’s funny is that as soon as you take on a confident body language, you will actually feel more confident about yourself.

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35 Second Rule

One thing that you want to make sure is: don’t signal too much attentiveness to a girl when you interact with her. You want to keep a dynamic of attraction going – so that she repeatedly feels a pull towards you. Most guys are completely overenthusiastic, and they behave like a dog behaves in front of a human being who has a sausage in his hand. All this does is create an impression of neediness. It’s as if they are scared that a girl might talk to someone else if they turn around for a moment. Instead, you want to move your body away from her around every 30 to 40 seconds, just for 2 or 3 seconds, and then you direct your body towards her again. Just turn your body to someone else repeatedly. This will signal her that you are confident enough that you can hold her attention, in subconscious way.

Body language is actually a much more powerful way of communicating than “speaking” or having a conversation. There was a time in human history when we did not use the spoken word to communicate – all we used was body language, and what scientists refer to know as “universal sounds” (sounds like: “oohhh” “grrrrrr!” etc.)

Today we’ve become so verbal, but it’s kind of funny that scientists figured out that about  93% of our communication is still nonverbal! That means the words that we speak actually make up only about 7% of our communication. The rest consists of two things: our tone of voice, and our body language.

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Confident Male Body Language

Now here are characteristics of what a confident man’s body language looks like: movements are generally a bit slow. They look as if they are a bit “calculated”, or maybe a better word is “dignified”. I’m not telling you to act like Prince Charles, or like a koala bear. But think of Richard the Lionheart. Or think of James Bond. Or the actor Laurence Fishburne.

These people all move with a certain, dignified slowness – there is no thing that is of such an urgent and important matter that they’d have to hurry. This is extremely important in flirting body language, because it will communicate that you are in charge, and that you are NOT needy, insecure or submissive.

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Also, when you sit – take up as much space as possible. You see, that also still goes back to our evolutionary history. Men had a territory that we defended. The bigger our territory, the more powerful we were, the higher our social status. Again, this is attractive to women. I know it makes absolutely NO sense at all to make the connection from territories to how much space we take up when we sit, but female brains don’t work logically.

(Btw. this is relative – it’s about how much space you take up sitting in relation to your size. So a very fat guy won’t be impressive just because he takes up more space sitting…)

Also, open up your legs when you sit. This displays confidence.

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