Flirting and Insecurity

Most guys have to deal with insecurities when they flirt with women. The funny thing is that women are just as, if not more insecure – although in different ways. (Their insecurities are a lot deeper, and thus the male insecurities usually are triggered easier, show up easier, and are more obvious, more out in the open).

The trick is not to kill your insecurities – that’s what most men try in vain to do.

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If you want to be a master seducer, you have to learn to use your insecurity to flirt like a pro. In fact, flirting without insecurities is boring, dull and no fun at all. Think of it as riding a roller coaster – to most people, that’s a lot of fun. But it’s not fun to sit in a little roller-coaster cart that is going in a circle at 5 miles an hour.

We get on rollercoasters because we crave some excitement. And we flirt for the same reason – to get some excitement, to add some spice, to have a little adventure.

Flirting is not about finding a person to fall in love with. That is one of the most common misconceptions of all, that totally fucks flirting up for most guys. Flirting is about having fun with women, sharing a good time together – and then maybe taking it to other levels, but that is past the flirting stage.

There are so many fake pick up gurus teaching guys to kill their fears and insecurities, but that just doesn’t work. You have to find out how to utilize i and put a solid confidence in place to counter it. It’s like a boxing game: Mike Thyson against John Mallone (a fictious, unknown hobby boxer) is no fun at all, because Mike would simply knock the guy out in round one. But Thyson against Holyfield is a totally different thing: it’s exciting to watch two equally skilled opponents fight. That’s what you want the chemistry of insecurity and confidence inside of you to be like, like Thyson against Holyfield, because that’s where the excitement comes from.

You can see some guys who have “killed their insecurities” and are full of themselves in the bars, but they hardly ever get the hot chicks – they get the ugly chicks that the master seducers don’t want to waste their time with, because they are so confident about themselves that it is just plain boring to spend even 30 seconds with them – and only girls with serious ego problems will be attracted to those.

That’s part of what I call the master seducer mindset. Once you have developed THAT mindset, you will be a “natural”. You won’t have to rely on tricks or pickup lines to get a girl – you can just be yourself, in your own way, doing it your own style, and yet the girls will be attracted to you. (That doesn’t mean that you won’t have to change anything – because, if you are not already attracting girls naturally, then you are not really being yourself – you’re still playing a role, still covering up your real you, and letting your insecurities control you. If you discover the right way to deal with insecurities and flirting, then you will still feel the insecurities, but you will be yourself anyway – and that is what’s makes you sexy, that’s what is irresistible to the girls).

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