Flirting Advice

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Flirting With Women.

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Another thing you want to do if you want to become better at flirting is to just start conversations with strangers. Don’t have to be long conversations. But just randomly smile at people and greet them by saying: “Hi”, “How are you?” “Nice day”, stuff like that. You don’t need to have exceptional conversational skills to do that kind of stuff. You just need to practice making conversations.

Again, not just with hot women, but with everybody.

Eye Contact Powerplay

Another important piece of flirting advice: Don’t be the one that breaks eye contact. Always let her be the one that breaks eye contact first.

You see, this goes way back in biology and evolution. Back in the predator-times, when too animals stared at each other, the one that looked away at first acknowledged that the other animal has more power. In a flirting situation, you don’t want to be the lower-status at any time.

If you find that you have difficulties keeping eye contact you, then it’s just a matter of practice. A simple way to practice being good at establishing and keeping eye contact with women is to just make eye contact with random women. Once you’ve established eye contact with a woman, flash her a big, bright smile. It doesn’t matter how she’ll react – simply do it.

Just look straight into her eyes, wait till she looks into yours, and then give her a friendly smile. This will help you to keep eye contact later on in any flirting or dating situation.

Can’t Get Enough

Another thing is that you should always leave her wanting more. That’s goes back again to teasing a woman. You can massage her neck – but just shortly, just so that she wants more of it. Show her that you can give her pleasure, but stop to show that it’s up to you whether you want to give it to her or not. The same goes for conversations: always be the first to end them.

Lean Back

Also, when you talk with a woman – lean back! Most men lean forward to accommodate the girl, but you don’t want to be acting like a dog who wants to get a snack. Let her be the one to lean forward while you lean back comfortably. Is that polite? No, but it establishes that you’re in charge.

Flirt Indiscriminately

Flirt with EVERY woman that you encounter in some way. I mean, you should flirt with at least 10 women a day. They don’t even have to be attractive. You don’t even have to like them – heck, I know this sounds strange, but you can flirt with a granny.

If you flirt with women that you’re not interested in, you’ll be much better at it. (Now PLEASE, get me right here – when i say “flirt with a granny”, I don’t mean you should tell her she’s hot or anything like that – just communicate with her in a playful way that makes her smile – WITHOUT any sexual or romantic tone, okay? You don’t want to be a freak).

Don’t Reveal Too Much

A lot of guys make the mistake of telling a girl their whole life story on the first date. Don’t want to do that. Once she “knows” everything, there will be nothing left for her to figure out. And that’s boring to her.

If she wants to know something about you – let her ask you for it. Because if she asks you for some information about yourself, then you are the one who’s in the drivers seat – you’re in charge. Let her try to “unravel the mystery” (which is again something women love to do by the way).

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