Fake-Eyed Caterpillars

Nature is a really amazing thing.

Take caterpillars.

We can learn a lot from them about dating.

What are you talking about, dude? Caterpillar dating?

Yeah, yeah.

See, caterpillars often have those “fake eyes”.

It’s basically color spots on their skin that look like eyes.

And they have them to protect themselves from mofo-birds that would otherwise munch on them at every chance they get.

But the birds just see those eyes and stay away from them. Because they “recognize” that this pair of eyes belongs to some baaad snake that likes to munch away on birds.

Quote from this article:

when it comes to a deadly encounter with another species, there may be no second chances, no opportunity for learning. Hence, natural selection would favor instant recognition, and hard-wired rapid responses, in a close encounter with potential danger. Harmless creatures that evolved some general resemblance to the variety of creature features to be avoided (eyes, scale patterns) would then gain some protection.

Instant recognition, hard wired rapid responses… Now, these kinds of programs do not just exist in birds. They also exist in humans.

Think about it. Seeing a caterpillar with those “fake eyes” scares the shit out of a bird, instantly, instinctively.

But what danger does a caterpillar really pose to a bird?

None. Zero. Nada. Nilch.

Yet, just because the birds brain is hardwired for an instant rapid flight reaction, it misses out on that nice lunchtime opportunity.

It’s all because of a totally irrational fear, a perceived danger that only exists in their minds.

Now, do you sometimes feel shy approaching women?

Yeah, they don’t have “fake eyes” (or, depending upon how much mascara they use, they do).

But do they really pose any kind of danger or threat? Is there any reason to be afraid of approaching them?

No. Nothing could really happen.

Yet, it’s as if in your brain there is an instant, rapid response that makes you feel scared of doing so – and you miss out on that nice dating time opportunity.

Sometime, you have to re-wire yourself. You have to awaken the natural predator in you, and skip the B.S.

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