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Dating & flirting is an important area of your life to master. In fact, I know a lot of guys that are successful in life, have huge payrolls, but they still get all nervous around beautiful women and have a complex about dating issues – to many of them, “work” is a way to compensate for their lack in dating skills. And I know a lot of guys that aren’t successful in any area of their life and have the same problem. I really do believe that if you can get over this “issue”, it will free you from so much stuff that’s holding you back in different areas of your life.

How To Get A Girl To Sleep With You

Look, when you’re on a date, there are different things you can do to make a woman sleep with you. But there is one “method” that works better than all the others.

You see – women do not want to go on a date so they can get sex. They go on a date to play the dating game, for the fun of it, to check if a “candidate” qualifies for more.

We men have very different expectations and hopes, and most of the time, they’re rather explicit. But if we just communicate that directly to our dates, they wouldn’t react very positive to that.

One reason is that women don’t want “planned sex”. Women – even the naughty ones – have been taught since early on that having sex is something “wrong”, “forbidden”, “something that good girls don’t do” – at least not early on in a relationship. A girl that’s easy to get is referred to as a slut – not just by other women, but also by men.

And they don’t want to be one – even if they enjoy one-night-stands. But they want it to be spontaneous. They want it “to happen”. They want to be swept away. The situation must be right, it must almost happen automatically, so that they don’t have to agree to it.

(Important: I say “don’t have to agree to it”, I do NOT mean that you should push a girl to have sex with you if she doesn’t want to – that’s rape, and if you do it you belong in jail. I’m telling you that women don’t like to be put in a situation where they have to say: “Okay, I agree to have sex with you”. I’m sure YOU got this, but this is the internets, and you never know who’s reading this, so that’s why I put it in here…)

But let’s say she’s in your appartment, you had a drink or two, the music’s playing, candlelight and all… It’s a romantic situation. And it pushes all those buttons. It warms her up in a very subtle way for more. The trick is to make the transition to sex as smooth as possible – you want to create a slippery slope, where one thing leads to the next.

There is so much more to learn about dating & flirting, it’s impossible to put this all into one single article. That’s why I highly suggest you check this out.

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