Dating Beautiful Women

Dating beautiful women is an artform. Believe me. Completely different rules apply compared to going out with an average woman, and quiet frankly – most beautiful women are in a way more mentally messed up than others. However, they are beautiful, rare, desirable – and that makes it worth putting a bit of effort into learning how to handle them, so that you can have a good time with them, seduce them – and if you want start a relationship.

You see, most beautiful women live in a kind of self-created fantasy – because every day, there’s at least a dozen guys obviously drooling over her. Put yourself in her shoes. Even if you’re a good looking man, the chances that on your average, day-to-day life a dozen girls are obviously sexually attracted to you are unlikely.

That DOES have a profound effect on her psyche, on her self-imagine, and even on how she things the world works. From her perspective, the world revolves around her (and other extremely beautiful and desirable women like her). Their beauty is their biggest advantage, and they know that. That’s why they tend to use it – and who can blame them? If being manipulative would work as good for me as it works for them, then heck, I’d be stupid not to make use of it. But be aware that in general: the more beautiful, the more manipulative.

(And this is often specially the case for the “angel-like, innocent” beautiful girls – as paradox as this may sound. If you’re not used to dating beautiful women, you might totally fall for it – but they really are the most manipulative of them all).

And in a way, they are totally right to live in that kind of fantasy world, where beauty is the golden key to every door in life. BECAUSE MOST PEOPLE LIVE IN THAT WORLD TOO – that’s why being extremely beautiful is in fact a better guarantor for material well-being for a woman than any university degree. Human beings generally associate higher social status to beautiful people, and it’s a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy.

But if you are NOT rich or Brad-Pitt type handsome, and you still want to go out with, and have sex with extremely beautiful women, then you need to be the guy that can bust her bubble. You must be the guy that has both feet firmly grounded in reality, and can show her around. You must be the guy that’s in control.

You see, beautiful women are used to be in control, specially when it comes to men. Because almost ALL MEN generally kiss up to them – they want approval (and sex) from beautiful girls so much, that they compromise on all kind of things, and let beautiful girls get away with attitudes and behaviors that they wouldn’t let an anverage looking girl get away with. But by doing so, they’re actually showcasing their own weakness (and destroying any last remaining piece of sexual or romantic attraction that a beautiful women might have had towards them).

Be interesting by being disinterested. In a way it’s like poker. Of course you’re turned on by her, but establish that you really don’t need her, and if she gives you crap, then call her out on it. Do it the same way you’d call a friend out on unacceptable behavior. Be cool, but straight and direct about it. She’ll respect that. And it will make you interesting to her. Because she’s not used to that, it’s a new experience for her. It’s something she can’t figure out. You want to create a feeling of fascination in her – if all the tricks that she usually works on men to manipulate them like puppets on a string don’t work on you, she’ll go crazy over you, even if you’re not rich, not attractive and not smart.

So are you serious about this stuff? If so, learn more about dating beautiful women.

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