Dating Advice Column: Worth Repeating

by MasterSeducer on June 11, 2010

Did you read what I wrote yesterday?

I hope so.

Because there’s an important point to it, kid.

What’s the point you ask?

I’m gonna tell you.

Attraction is like gravity.

By that I mean:

it’s stronger than logic.

it’s stronger than science.

it’s stronger than mathematics.

it’s stronger than religion.

It works anyway.

(You DO know that we humans invented some stuff that scientifically is unable to fly, I mean like really scientifically impossible – yet, it’s flying every day, and flying very well, right?)

If a woman feels attracted to a man, there’s nothing she can do about it.

It’s like falling of a cliff – there’s nothing you can do to “not fall” once you’re in the air.

You just keep falling, because that’s what gravity does. It makes you fall if you don’t have something that’s holding you where you are.

And you’ll keep falling, even if you pray to god.

You’ll keep falling, even if you have some kick-ass anti-gravity machine.

A girl will continue to feel madly in love with a guy that beats her up, neglects her, cheats her, hurts her, abuses her.

Not BECAUSE of how bad he treats her, but DESPITE how bad he treats her.

She doesn’t even WANT to love that MF.

But she can’t help it.

She tells herself to stop it.

But she can’t help it.

Friends tell her:

“This guy is bad for you. Look what he does to you.”

But to no avail.

Parents, preachers, kids…

… all of them tell her:

“This guy is poison.”

And she knows their right.

But she can’t help it.

Because she still feels attraction.

That’s the power of attraction.

It’s a strong force.

Stronger than most other forces in our lifes.

(People killed because of attraction. Both themselves and others).

You can use attraction and still treat a woman good.

But you have to master attraction.

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