Dating Advice Column: Why Hot Girls Love Jerks

Did you ever wonder why so many extremely hot and desirable women end up with men that treat them like shit?

I mean, think about it.

Lots of seriously sexy girls end up with men that neglect, abuse and hurt them. But they still want them!

Most guys answer:

“That’s because women like assholes.”

But that’s not true.

I repeat: NOT correctamente.

Women don’t like assholes.

They don’t like men that hit, hurt, neglect or abuse them.

They like men that love them, treat them well, care for them.

But still they put up with all that shit.

(They feel irrationally attracted to these men DESPITE the bad treatment, not BECAUSE the bad treatment).

Do you see what I’m getting at?

There must be something else that these men have, that makes them so crazy attractive to hot women.

And the fact is, that something else works even better if you treat girls nicely.

But that something else just comes very naturally to bad guys, and it doesn’t come easy to nice guys at all.

But if you know it, then you can use it too.

Without having to transform yourself into some nasty asshole.

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