Dating Advice Book

A dating advice book for men should cover a couple of things that are crucially important. We’ve looked at many different books to compare them with each other.

Of course, what you consider to be the “best” dating advice book depends on what you are looking for.

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It’s important that a dating advice book contains information about how you can get yourself in a good emotional and mental state for dating. A lot of guys don’t have the confidence and the right attitude to be successful with women. A book that skips this part isn’t complete at all. In fact, this is so important, it’s of fundamental importance to get your “inner game” straight before you move on to other things.

How to approach women is another important subject. That’s all about the first contact you have with a woman. How you get her attention and make her want to know you better. Here you will read about places where you can meet women, what to say, and how to say it.

Every guy wants pick up lines, and it’s good to have some. The problem is just that most pick up lines will fail miserably, unless you’re on a college party where everybody is completely drunken. So you need to have good pick up lines and routines so that you’re never at a loss for words and keep the conversation flowing smoothly.

Then it’s important that you have ways to get her phone number and email address.

The next step is about how to set up a date. And here things start getting complex again. Most guys just take a girl out for a coffee, a movie or dinner. But there are way better date ideas than those. (Not only will you save money, but you’ll also make your date a lot more fun and drastically improve your chances with that girl).

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It’s important that you don’t come across as needy, but still are fun to hang out with. (It’s quiet easy to do this if you have “the blueprint” from the book).

And then how to take it from that first date on. It’s up to you whether you want to further qualify her, or have sex with her. But the one thing that IS crucially important is that right from the start, you trigger a sexual interest in her, rather than a relationship interest. You see, if she wants a relationship with you, then there is a long courting phase that includes several dates, and she’ll expect gifts and all kind of stuff before she ever let’s you touch her stuff.

But if you trigger sexual interest in her, you can enjoy the sex – and still have the option of engaging in a long-term relationship with her later on. This is crucial. Women have two distinct categories when they date men, and they will put you into one of these: either “sex partner” or “boyfriend/husband”. Sex partner gives you sex fast, and you have the option of turning it into a relationship later on. Boyfriend won’t give you sex (because she’ll want you to know that she’s not an easy girl) for a long time, and you’ll have to spend lots of time and money on courting her.

These are the main segments of a good dating advice book. Within these segments, there also are parts like “How to know if she’s ready to be kissed?”, and so on.

The best book on the subject is David’s dating advice book.