Date Tips

Here are some general tips for going on a date. These tips are for MEN ONLY – so if you’re a girl, you can skip this and go somewhere else.

There are several general date tips that you probably heard before, but it’s still important to cover them, because if you’re NOT aware of one of those, then there’s really no need going to the more advanced stuff at the end of this article.

First of all: appearance!

You don’t need to completely overdo it, but you should be aware that women notice how well you take care of your body. And they notice all these details that men don’t care about. They will look at your fingernails: are they short? are they clean? Do they look tidy. That’s a huge one for women.

Hair? Should be on your head, but not growing out of your nose or your ears. Also, bushy pubic hair is not a good idea – you can shave it, or just trim it a bit shorter with a scissor if you don’t like shaving it. But you don’t want a jungle down there (big turnoff for the ladies).

Teeth – you should have bright, clean teeth and good dental hygiene. If you’re a smoker, if you drink coffee, if you have yellow stains on your teeth – teeth whitening is quiet cheap and can brighten up your smile. But more important is that you don’t have any cavities and specially: absolutely no bad breath!

Clothes: dress your own style – but dress! Don’t just put clothes on your body. Women look at what you wear and make an assumption from that about how much you know about “the world”. If what you wear is a catastrophe, then they’re gonna think that you’re a clueless nerd who is playing with model trains in the basement or something like that. Again, you don’t need an Armani suit, you don’t need expensive brand name stuff or anything like that. But neat clothes. Style is up to you – don’t try to be something that you’re not. But pick your style, and then take care of your clothing.

Ok, these were absolute basic date tips.

Now the next level…

… and here we’re entering kind of “esoteric” stuff. Your attitude. Your attitude is the single most important thing when it comes to dating. In fact, if I had to chose, I’d pick the right attitude over the right appearance anytime. (But if you can combine the two, then it’s a lot more potent).

You absolutely need to have confidence when you talk with women! Women can feel how confident you are, and they WANT a confident man. The only women that don’t want confident men are manipulative bi*ches that will turn your life into a living hell if you engage into a relationship with them. (Unless you’re a masochist, I recommend you stay away from those ladies).

And you should be aware of what women want to hear. You see – men and women are COMPLETELY different in the way we think about love, sex and relationships (and in fact many other things). If you UNDERSTAND the female perspective, you’ll be able to give her exactly what she wants, and have a good time doing so.

Because what women really want is actually what men like to give – once they’ve gotten rid of the insecurities and self-doubts that are holding them back. Brilliant plan by mother nature – we humans effed it up, but nature’s still there.

Quiet frankly – I won’t be able to give you a complete date tips roundup in this one article. It’s best to do it step by step.

That’s where David comes in. I learned from him, and he’s the master of this all. I highly suggest you check out his free date tips.

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