Creative Date Ideas

In general, it’s a lot cooler to go somewhere and do something with a girl – if you just “go on a date” (I’m taking dinner or the movies) that’s fine, but it’s also kind of boring and you need to work much harder to make it a fun date.

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However, if you go somewhere and do something that’s fun anyway, and you just bring her along – then it will be a lot easier to come accross as an exciting, fun guy to hang out with.

Roller skating, bowling or ice-skating – all of these are a lot better than sitting in some restaurant and trying to come up with things to talk about. If you have a climbing wall somewhere, go there – it’s a cool way to bond and get kick up her excitement levels.

Another cool idea is to have a picknick together. You’d be surprised how many girls haven’t had a picknick since their childhood days, and they’ll get all excited over it.

Important: don’t be the one that does everything, brings all the food, etc. Make it easy, but fun. Tell her you’ll make some sandwiches, and she has to take care of desserts, snacks, drinks or something like that.

Go shopping. And I don’t mean a shopping mall. Go to some quirky neighbourhood where there are lots of shops that sell all kinds of funny stuff, or if there’s a cool market somewhere, go there.

You don’t need to buy anything (and PLEASE do NOT buy any presents for her under ANY circumstances – it would totally ruin your chances). The cool thing is, you can just walk around, and talk about all the funny stuff you see – great way to keep the conversation going.

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Or try a match of mini golf. Yeah, I know, it’s usually what old people or small kids to, but hey – if you haven’t played a game of minigolf in ten years, trust me, it’s going to be fun.

Some people like going to the zoo – and that’s a cool idea for some reasons too. (You know, animals have something quiet animistic about them – and that distinct “zoo smell” contains a lot of the chemicals that our bodies produce to get turned on). However, if you can’t relate to that, and you think walking around a zoo all day long is completely stupid, don’t do that. But if you do – read up a bit on some of the animals, find cool, interesting trivia to talk about different animals.

If you got something like a 1-day pottery course in your area, that’s awesome! Most girls love pottery when they try it. It’s quiet sensual, because you need to use your fingertips to shape something very delicate. The material is soft, and wet and cool, and it stimulates their tactile senses. It’s very easy to get a woman aroused when you talk with her while she’s w0rking with clay, because it’s a very creative process, it really activates her imagination and her fantasy.

There are many other creative date ideas, but more important than the idea itself is how you behave when you’re on that date. That’s why I highly suggest you watch this short video and get your hands on that dating advice.

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