Cope With Rejection

If you want to be successful with women, you have to be able to cope with rejection. In fact, you won’t find a man that is successful with women who can’t handle rejection. It’s what sets the winners apart from the losers. Men who have a difficult time hooking up with girls take it personal, they feel hurt, and they emotionally collapse like a cheap folding chair under a massive challenge. In fact, simply being rejected can make them doubt their self-worth and make them obsessively think about all the things that might be wrong with them.

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But oftentimes, the reason why you’re rejected is not even you. It’s just the girl. Maybe she has a bad day. Maybe she’s just not interested in getting to know someone new right now. Maybe she’s just a nasty person.

Or maybe – yes, that’s a chance – maybe you did something that she just didn’t like. But that’s ok, it’s not the end of the world. It’s not like all the world is watching (even if you feel that way). It doesn’t really matter, that’s the point I’m making.

Now, my guess is that consciously, you’re probably already aware of a lot of this stuff. You know that there is not logical reason to not overcome rejection. But some part of you still refuses to do so.

For some people, it can turn into an underlying anxiety. You can become almost anxious that you’re somehow unable to find a girl. As if something about yourself is fundamentally flawed.

Plus, to make things worse, if you don’t know how to cope with rejection low self-esteem can kick in. And if it’s really bad, you might start to resent other men for their success with women.

(Resenting other men who are successful with women is a bad thing – because it will focus your mind on the things that you don’t like about these men. Instead, you should look at these men and think: what is it really that makes them so successful with women? And why do women like that? Can you put yourself in a woman’s shoes and understand why they like these traits? Because you need these skills to attract women. I’m not saying that you have to admire these men or something – all I say is you should respect them for their skills with women, even if you disagree on other levels with them. But if you resent them, then that will stop you from learning what makes them successful. In fact, if you feel resentment towards them, it will stop you from becoming more successful with women). There’s another reason why it will make it more difficult for you to overcome rejection: if you resent other people, you will also judge yourself much more harshly.

Sorry for that rant, but I found this a major stumbling stone for many guys that wanted my help to prop up their seduction skills.

I’m not going to give you all the usual bullshit: “Realize that you are unique and important and can bring things to the world that nobody else can” blablabla.

That stuff is fine, but it’s not gonna help. It’s like putting a small plaster on a throbbing gunshot wound.

You need something more powerful if you really want to learn to cope with rejection.

You need to start working on your inner game.

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