Confidence With Women

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Confidence with women is one of the most important things to take care of if you want to get good at dating, attracting or seducing women. In fact, I can’t think of a single thing that’s more important. An unemployed man that is dressed badly, hasn’t taken a shower in three days, is balding and overweight but confident will score better than a highly-paid professional with tidy appearance and an athletic body that is insecure.

Ask any woman: true confidence is what they are looking for in a man. But unfortunately, many men don’t have the guts that women want, and they don’t know how to get it. Thus, many men try to simply fake it – but women can see right through that and find it pathetic.

This article will help to get you started so that you can increase your confidence with women quickly and easily.

Understanding Body Language

Most men don’t really understand female bodylanguage. They get that idea of: “When she does that thing with her hair, it means she’s interested, and if she does that and that, it means this and this…” Of course, when you speak two different languages, it will be hard to connect.

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The main reason why many men are having such a hard time understanding the body language of women is not that it takes a rocket scientists to decipher it, but that they simple don’t observe well enough to see the signals that a woman gives them. Why don’t they observe well enough? Because they feel intimidated by the woman, or worry that she might interpret you looking at them wrongly. These men are afraid that staring at her will make her feel uncomfortable (and there definitely are some stares that can do that), but simply in a relaxed manner visually perceiving and being aware of what’s happening is a very good thing. However, it’s again a question of your mindset, and not so much of your mind-reading skills. If you feel that it’s totally okay and cool that you look at her and pick up her signals, then you will be amazed by how much better you understand what’s going on.

Succeed With Women

You see, in order to attract a woman, it takes confidence. It’s like a car – it needs fuel to drive. No fuel, no driving. One of the best ways to get better at dating women is by doing it. (I’m sure you heard that before – the old “learning by doing” also applies here. It’s not learning by thinking, it’s not learning by imagining, it’s not learning by reading, but just do it and you will get better).

You see, if you date only one woman, then you have all your eggs in one basket, and that makes that one basket veeery important all of the sudden. And of course, that can make you nervous and insecure, because they stakes are high.

But if you are dating several women, then it really won’t matter if it doesn’t work out with the one who’s sitting in front of you right now. I’m not saying that you should not care about women, but don’t put her on a pedestal and lick her shoes just so that she’s willing to smile at you either. No matter what the magazines tell you – women still want confident men, women still want a man with leadership abilities, they like the “alpha dogs”.

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