Can Nice Guys Attract Hot Girls?

There’s nothing wrong with being nice.

Unless you’re nice for the wrong reasons.

Very few human beings that walk this earth actually possess the insight and wisdom to judge themselves honestly.

But let’s give this a shot anyway.

Some guys act nice because they ARE nice, and they like other people around them to be happy.

But the vast majority of people that’s acting nice is doing so because they want to be liked in return for being nice.

And the latter one is a big turnoff for women.

And women can instinctively tell the difference between a guy that’s acting nice because he is a genuinely nice guy, and a guy that’s acting nice because he wants her to like him.

Think about it.

For a woman, it must seem like this: “He’s only acting that nice because he knows he doesn’t deserve me, and he thinks if he’s so nice I might accept him for that.”

Let me add another thing that a woman would add to such a thought: “How pathetic.”

If you wanna be nice, fine. That’s cool. I like being nice too.

But be nice because you’re nice, not because you want something.

And get your game straight first.

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