Body Language Secrets

In order to become a master seducer, or just successful with women, you will need to master the body language secrets.

It’s a fact that women are a lot better than men at interpreting body language. In fact, some scientific studies suggest that they are about 10 times better at reading body language.

That’s why women often pick up on subtle signals that men are completely unaware of.

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And if you are one of the few who men that’s “in on it”, if you’re one of the very few men who “get” body language the way a woman does, then you have a huge advantage over any other guy in the room.

It’s subtle little things like turning away first when you talk with her.

Most of the time, if you observe conversations between a man and a woman, you’ll see that it’s the girl that turns away first and demonstrates that her the focus of her attention has now shifted from him to something or somebody else.

So what?

Well, it’s a way of signaling: there is something else that is more worthy of my attention now. I am of higher status than you. I don’t need to cling to you. I have other options.

If you think I’m going overboard here… do you notice that women often make a big drama out of some insignificant little thing? Well, yeah, it’s the same stuff. They attach a lot more meaning to small signs than men do.

We men are usually a lot more direct in our communication. Women on the other hand use a kind of “coding system” that relies heavily on subtle signals. They don’t like to communicate bluntly, but rather in “sophisticated” ways.

If you demonstrate that you are a man who “gets” this, who understand what a woman is doing and thinking – and yet, you still act like a man – they’ll be all over you.

That point was an important one.

I know some guys that get deep into these body language secrets, and then instead of using these secrets to their advantage they start using female body language.

That’s NOT what you want to do. Don’t start acting like a woman, unless you want to become her “just friends” friend – she’ll probably think you’re gay.

So remember that: have a very masculine body language that displays power, confidence, dominance. But demonstrate that you “notice” the small things that women notice.

For example, if she pulls back from you – pull back a bit further. A lot of guys do the complete opposite thing: if the girl pulls away, they step closer to make up for the distance. It’s like a subtle, unconscious “micro-pursuit”, and the women interprets it as: “That guy is clinging to me.”

(And we know by now that a guy who’s clinging to a girl is basically killing all the attraction she might have felt for him at warp-speed).

The best guy to break it all down really is David – he’s created this whole DVD set where he explains all this stuff in detail, and when I watched it, I had so many epiphanies that completely changed the way I looked at women. Now, when I walk into a club or bar, it’s like cinema to me, I’m having so much fun because all the stuff that used to confuse me or that I was just oblivious of now is so out there in the open that I can’t help but laugh about the fact that I didn’t see it before.

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Master The Body Language Secrets Of Seduction

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