Being A Manly Man

Being manly matters. Because women like manly men. At least the emotionally healthy and stable kind of women like a more manly man.

But let’s face it: it doesn’t come natural to all of us guys.

Here’s a funny video from the HowCast crew on how to be a more manly man.

I’ve written in the past too (and not in a funny way) on how to be more manly.

2 thoughts on “Being A Manly Man”

  1. Manly men? I’m thinking of the Romans under Emperor Theodosius I who in AD393 kicked men in pants out of the Eternal City, because men in pants were political subversives. I’m thinking about the biggest ass kicker in history, Maximinus Thrax, Roman military governor of Mesopotamia, who was 8 feet 6 inches, wore a bracelet as a ring and overcame the pull of a chariot team, and never wore a single frikking pair of pants! I’m thinking about Bill Kazmaier, who overturned a full size automobile—engine and transmission included—on a level surface—by himself, and wore a kilt. Facial hair is the male garment, not pants, named after a 16th century Italian clown!

  2. Hi Charles,
    just shows that manliness is something that you have inside, and not about what you wear. Yeah, true men can even wear a skirt and still look manly.

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